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Hotel Regency
4.7/510 Reviews
Ulanhot Railway Station
The location is not bad, the price is very high, the bar staff at the front desk is very good, it is worth choosing to stay
Gemini Smart Hotel
4.4/563 Reviews
Ulanhot Railway Station
The second hotel I stayed in, the whole house was all designed with smart homes. It liberated my hands and realized intelligence. Generally speaking, I like it. I also got married in the morning. It’s good.
Wulanhot Yishu Woju Hostel
1.3/50 Reviews
Ulanhot Railway Station
Awesome! Miss bar counter is also very beautiful hehe! The service attitude is also super good, all kinds of facilities are various! They all meet my standards very well. In love 💓
Ulanhotdo Langel Hotel
4.9/566 Reviews
Ulanhot Railway Station
The appearance of the hotel is not good, But the hotel room far exceeded expectations and felt like a family mansion. Very suitable for family travel accommodation, The paintings and calligraphy in the corridor are also particularly artistic. An experience worth remembering.
Xintian'e Boutique Hotel
4/565 Reviews
Ulanhot Railway Station
The room is clean, his home is decorated in a unique style, one floor, one style, I like it very much, the boss is reasonable, very understanding of outsiders, the boss also sent us to the airport for free.
Common People Renjia Hotel
4.1/54 Reviews
Ulanhot Railway Station
Temporary stay for one night, I saw a few on the Internet to live here, the boss is very good, the room is very clean, very board, personally experience the price is very good, praise

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Number of Hotels347
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Average Price (Weekends)S$ 39