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Van der Valk Sélys Liège Hotel & Spa
4.3/586 Reviews

Van der Valk Sélys Liège Hotel & Spa

Liege|0.34km from Marina Rinaldi
Small stay 1 night in couple. With regard to the reception, it was, staff was very pleasant and explaining things quite well. Attention to your arrival, their underground parking is expensive ( € 20 ) and this is not specified in the description. The rooms are very clean and modern, but to sleep it was horrible. The matlas, for my part, was horrible, too soft, but my girlfriend, she, appreciated. The room was very comfortable and the room was very comfortable. There were 3 ”” Offer ”” drinks in the refrigerator, that was really very good. For lifts, it's quite special, there are three but one one who goes to the SPA. They are very flippant, very small, make huge noise, you don't have to be claustrophobic, especially that once we are staying temporarily blocked in because the reception button did not work. The spa is super, there is a classic sauna, a Finnish sauna, a wave sauna, a hammam, a swimming pool ( quite small unfortunately ) and a beautiful jacuzzi, if you have the chance to enter it, because it always has people in it. The breakfast was perfect, a huge choice, nothing to reiterate. In conclusion, it is a beautiful hotel, but it doesn't deserve the price to pay ( 170€ per night, and it was still with remise.. ) and that is more equivalent to a 4-star than a 5-star, based on previous experiences. For the outside, Liège, we don't have too much appreciation, first and last time. Very poor, abandoning, in work, very dirty.. We are happy to come back, it's sad to say.

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Van der Valk Hotel Liège Congres
4.3/564 Reviews
This chain hotel is remodeled from an old building. The overall location is good, and the facilities are also four-star. The size of the room is good, and the bathroom needs to be accessed upstairs. This is a last resort to renovate the building, but the bathroom decoration is okay. The breakfast buffet is good for those who like western food, but those with a Chinese appetite may not be used to it. There is a lot of free parking outside. The restaurant on the first floor should be a good place to eat locally, so many non-hotel guests eat here. In short, it is worth recommending.
Hôtel de l'Univers Liège
3.7/568 Reviews
I stayed one night in a business room. Room looked like the picture, so it was nice and clean. Staff was nice, i could leave my trolley while I was visitng the city. Location is in front of the main train station, so very good in case you need to take an early train in the morning. I personally found the room very noisy...noise from the street (buses, etc, even if I was not on the side in fron of the station) and from the colling/heating system...thsi last one really never stopped (even if I didn't turned it on). I used ears plugs but still I could hear everyting. I mentioned this a the reception as I clearly asked for a quiet room at the moment of the reservation and this room supposed to be quiet (the first one they proposed me it was almost in fron of teh elevator so prefered another one) but considering also the location I don't think it is possible. I give average as evaluation because of the staff, the possibility to leave my suitcase and the location good as I needed to take a train in the early morning but as I mentioned for comfort I would give a very low evaluation unfortunately because of the noise.
Pentahotel Liège
4.1/581 Reviews
We recently visited the hotel on a quick trip to Belgium. We chose Liege cause it sounded like a great city and believe us, it really was! It’s vibrant and full of life so we’ll definitely be back. From check-in to check-out, our stay was incredible, to say the least. Upon arriving at the hotel, the staff were as friendly and inviting as they could be. They made us feel safe and comfortable, especially regarding COVID protocols - there are plenty of covid safe procedures implemented. When it comes to the rooms, ours was incredible! The bed was super comfortable, there is a desk which was great for us since we work from our laptops and they’re spacious with ample storage spaces, not to mention that we were blown away by the design of the rooms and the hotel in general! Another score of 10/10 for the breakfast Top-notch from start to finish. Can't wait to be back!
Hotel de La Couronne Liege
4.1/551 Reviews
Opposite is the train station, which is very small at the door of the hotel. There is no hole in the room. The room is large, there is a radiator, it is easy to wash clothes, and the hotel is 500 meters away from the right. There are several good French restaurants.
Ibis Styles Liege Guillemins
4.2/546 Reviews
Very good 👍 Clean and tidy, natural Very close to the train station, very convenient, convenient to eat and transportation Recommended for business and travel English is also very good, communication is convenient,
Amosa Liège City Centre Hotel
4.1/551 Reviews
When you book at Amosa, you can choose between rooms at the hotel or apartments on separate buildings, not so far from the reception building, all placed in the city center (Liège St. Lambert railway station is 10 minute away by foot). We chose an apartment and it was a great choice! Our two levels-apartment was perfect and clean: the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom were very well equipped and furnished as well as bathroom. The breakfast, optional and served at the hotel's restaurant was very rich: different types of sausages, cheese, bread, yogurth, viennoiserie, fresh fruits, fresh orange juice and hot beverages waiting for you in a fantastic location (a former workshop). We absolutely recommended this hotel.

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