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4.7/50 Reviews
Huhhot Railway Station/Xinhua Plaza
The room was clean and tidy, the living was quite comfortable, the layout was like my own home, the landlord was very enthusiastic, there were too many things, and I took the initiative to help me upstairs, thank you very much! .
Lanting Hotel (Hohhot Railway Station)
4.8/5107 Reviews
Huhhot Railway Station/Xinhua Plaza
👍👍👍 Whoever said that you must have a star-rated hotel with children, Lanting is really suitable. It combines the cleanness and spaciousness of a hotel with the benefits of a youth hostel, as well as various information resources. Facts have proved that it is really the best in Hohhot! I took a shower and wondered how the black matte floor and wall tiles would not have any water stains every day. I suggest that the boss add chicken legs to the cleaning aunt! I started to worry that it was close to the train station, but it was actually not noisy at all. Instead, it was opposite the snack street and next to the Internet celebrity restaurant Gerile Ama. The boss and his wife are passionate about travel. They will design the itinerary, contact various scenic spots, discount information and reliable drivers. We were able to successfully travel to the scenic spot after various accidents this time, all thanks to the reasonable suggestions of the boss. The recommended driver also worked overtime. Take us to the extra free Hasuhai Wetland, and take us to do nucleic acid at seven or eight in the evening... Choosing Lanting is the most correct decision for this trip!
Kaisheng Hotel Hohhot
3.8/596 Reviews
Stadium/Altai Amusement Park
The once standard Party, Political and Military Hotel was refurbished in the future. The internal facilities are complete, but not particularly trendy, and the internal parking lot is large. The service is in place, what is missing a phone call, solve it in minutes. In order to 8.17 concert, booked on March 2 this year, the day before the trip, the phone to understand the situation. Ctrip orders are directly checked in, that is, there are indeed many people these days, they are all listening to the concert, there is no room for early check-in, but you can definitely check in after 2 o'clock. There is no situation like other unreliable hotels taking the opportunity to remove low-cost orders, and it is a good business that is honest and trustworthy. About 2 kilometers to the stadium, share a bicycle or take two bus stops. The bus stop is at the door, and there are many lines. It is more convenient to go to many places. The stay experience is very good.
Home Inn (Hohhot Railway Station)
4.7/574 Reviews
Huhhot Railway Station/Xinhua Plaza
Really wrong, home selection and home are two concepts, the selection is good environment, health, clean, service attitude is very good, near Hohhot Station, convenient travel, good choice of accommodation
Yijia Hotel
4.6/5571 Reviews
Huhhot Railway Station/Xinhua Plaza
Location was the best and very clean, new and comfortable 😌 enjoyed the stay 🙂
Xinghao Hotel
4.5/54 Reviews
Huhhot Railway Station/Xinhua Plaza
Clean and tidy, the location is very good to find, close to the train station, all kinds of facilities downstairs are also complete, the boss is very warm to recommend.

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