Top 8 Water and Theme Parks in Phuket
Feb 12, 2020


  • 1. Surf House Phuket
  • 2. KC Slip-Fly
  • 3. Splash Jungle Water Park
  • 4. Rawai Park
  • 5. Tribhum Theme Park
  • 6. Phuket FantaSea
  • 7. Hanuman World
  • 8. Patong Zipline Adventure
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We all know Phuket for its glorious beaches, white sands and iconic cliffs, not forgetting its numerous cultural landmarks of gardens and temples. If exploring these icons of Phuket has still not satisfied your thirst for excitement, perhaps a splash at a water park might bring in that dose of adventure you need. How about an adrenaline-driving amusement ride too?

Before heading down to Phuket, do plan at least one day in your itinerary a visit to any of these eight water and theme parks across the island.

Top 8 Water and Theme Parks in Phuket

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For aspiring surfers who are still afraid to brave the waves at sea, the Flowrider at Surf House Phuket will give you the perfect and, undeniably, enjoyable compromise. Located at the Kata and Patang beaches in the west of Phuket, this water park lets you surf every day without having to worry about the weather. Through two paralleled high-pressure wave generating machines, “surfers” get an ocean-like experience on a radiant blue sloping pool. You can learn the basics of wakeboarding and kiteboarding, or simply surf to your heart’s content.

If you are a beginner, do hold firmly onto the grab ropes held by staff members, your lifeguards so to speak! Fret not, however, if you happen to fall as the strong water flow that generates the waves ensures you fall upwards instead.

Surf away - you will be surprised how well you can balance on the waves!

What makes Surf House Phuket a unique water park is not just the artificial surfing experience it offers but also the ambience that is created for those batting the mini waves. Around the perimeter of the pool is a restaurant that serves up hearty plates for breakfast, lunch and dinner. From cold brew coffees to ice-cold beers, the bar is also as appealing. Top it off with groovy music, you will enjoy a surf that is one of a kind.

Imagine gliding down a large slide but instead of plunging into the water, you catapult in the air at about six metres high before landing straight into a pool. We are not joking - this does exist.

Situated between Phuket Town and Patong, just a few kilometres from Kathu Village, the KC Slip-Fly is a water park that is sure to thrill both kids and adults.

You may wonder if you made the right choice as you make your way down the 40-metre water slide but we reckon you would get addicted to the high adrenaline thrill! Just one more, just one more...

Nonetheless, there are other pool areas within the water park perfect for kids who prefer shallow pools and shorter slides. If a relaxing experience is what you are craving for, then the jacuzzi and sauna will serve you well. Grab a drink at the pool bar or have a satisfying dinner at the KC Connection Restaurant before ending your water escapade here.

Top 8 Water and Theme Parks in Phuket

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We would refer to this one as the mother of all water parks! Known as Phuket’s wettest and wildest outdoor adventure, the Splash Jungle Water Park offers a complete oasis of family fun. There are more than five water attractions, all catering to a variety of swimmers, from the young toddlers right up to the older folks.

Slide down the Aquatubes at the Whizzard or spin around the slide tower at the Super Bowl. For those who want to relax to the currents of the pool, travel 335 metres along the lazy river. If you want to scream away with your siblings in sheer excitement, the Family Raft Ride is where you need to be.

Top 8 Water and Theme Parks in Phuket

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If you are travelling to Phuket with younger toddlers and looking for a water or theme park that is a perfect fit for them, you can make way down to Rawai Park, just a stone’s throw away from Rawai Beach. Especially known for being among the notable kids’ parks in Phuket, this attraction is a combination of a water park and a kids’ play area, making for a conveniently family-friendly destination. The Kids Water Area is decked out with colourful slides and safe-height water pools for kids between one and six years of age. For experiential play, you can bring the kids to the Club area, an extraordinary child’s paradise packed with a variety of toys as well as play corners with trampolines, mazes, bicycles and kid-houses. You can also head outdoors to the sheltered playground just by the water park area for a similar experience of play, run, jump, swing and slide.

Although the Rawai Park is located within the compounds of the Rawai VIP Villas, entry is also open to non-residents.

Top 8 Water and Theme Parks in Phuket

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For more experiential adventures in Phuket, you can head down to the Tribhum Theme Park west of Phuket Town. It is Thailand’s first adventure theme park boasting a range of captivating attractions and scintillating performances. It is indeed a paradise of magic that will awe both the young and old.

There are three zones in this theme park. At the Underwater World, you will be mesmerised by the wonders of the 4D Flying Theatre, a dome-shaped arena in which visitors can watch enchanting stories about the mythical creatures of Thailand.

The Magic Forest will appeal to the nature lover. Among the many photo-worthy spots to stop at, there is the forest of Vanekampoo Monkeys with cute statues that are hard to miss. The Talking Tree will enthral the kids who will be fascinated by the voice-changing technology fit into the structure. The beautiful flower-blooming Makaleetrees will also stop you in your tracks!

You can end your theme park experience at The Silver Mountain where you can hop onto a fast-speed Silver Glider that is four storeys high. Do note that extra charges would apply if you want to sit on this exhilarating ride. Otherwise, you may head to the Crystal Path glass walkway, a 60-metre long bridge that lets you cover a stretch of the Magic Forest from above. Don’t forget to stop by at the Demon Maze for a mini thrill.

Top 8 Water and Theme Parks in Phuket

Stepping into Phuket FantaSea is like exploring the beauty of Thailand in more than just extravagant ways because this theme park exemplifies how we can enjoy fantasy in real life! The park offers both locals and tourists a spectacular night-time entertainment of Thailand’s exotic heritage just near the shores of Kamala Beach.

The use of technology and special effects across this 140-acre themed complex makes for an experiential cultural escape to fantasy through a multitude of activities and entertainment. While the park itself offers a good dose of recreation with shops and games booths, the spatial theme park is a playground for photography enthusiasts to capture the park’s magnificence at different angles.

However, the showstopper of the theme park is the FantaSea or “Fantasy of a Kingdom” show, a theatrical display put together by Thailand’s adept artistes. From acrobatics and aerial performances to stunning pyrotechnics, the show tells the history of Kamala and beautifully portrays the country’s ancient traditions. This 70-minute spectacle is the hard work of a resilient cast and crew, comprising over 400 people, 44 elephants, three tigers, 40 goats, 40 chickens and 400 pigeons.

Be sure to eat like a king at the Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant, a 4,000-seat dining facility that boasts over 400-metre of classical hand-painted murals that shelter diners like royalty. The buffet itself is one that is tough to resist - the best buffet of Phuket can be found in this theme park.

Top 8 Water and Theme Parks in Phuket

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Top 8 Water and Theme Parks in Phuket

Just outside Phuket Town lies an adventurous treetop theme park of all things nature - we mean real Mother Nature. At Hanuman World, feel on top of the universe at the ziplining park located in the dense forests of Wichit. Through 16 lines that add up to 400 metres in length, you get to slide between ancient trees and marvel at the green beauty of the forest while braving 30 activity platforms.

Safety is the utmost priority at this park which makes this adventure through the trees completely safe for families with children. You can find harnesses for people as tall as 180cm and children as young as six.

For those worried that they may feel thirsty while ziplining, you can slot in a bottle of water to your harness at the designated compartment. Be sure to keep hydrating nonetheless, we reckon you will sweat a lot!

Top 8 Water and Theme Parks in Phuket

There is also a sky walk that offers breath-taking views of the forest canopy 40 metres above the ground. The walk will lead you to a sun lounger where you can take a break. You can grab some fresh fruits and juices at a bar nearby too!

For more ziplining adventure, head to the west coast of Phuket Island to the Patong Zipline Adventure Park, located right at the top of a mountain in the Kathu district. Covering 32 acres of space at 325 metres above sea level, you get to feast your eyes on gorgeous panoramas around you as you zipline through the beautiful rainforests. Look out for the Patong and Kamala beach viewpoints and, on clearer days, you can spot the Phi Phi Islands on the Andaman Sea.

Attractions in Phuket are bound to marvel visitors - whether you head to a water park or wander around a theme park, you will leave with an experience of a lifetime!