Asian Food in London - The Most Affordable
Apr 21, 2020


  • 1. Udon, Koya Bar
  • 2. Taiwanese Fried Chicken, Good Friend
  • 3. Roti Prata, Roti King
  • 4. Dumpling, Jen Café
  • 5. Bibimbap, Bi Bim Bap
  • 6. Indian Buffet, Indian Veg
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It is not uncommon for Singaporeans to find our Asian delicacies sold at superbly high prices in the West. Yet, much of the price tag is the result of the low demand for such cuisines in those countries alongside the costs required to bring in the ingredients for these dishes.

Still, with increased international travel and migration, many from various Asian communities living abroad are finding new ways to make our dishes more accessible to locals, visitors and foreigners.

Take London for instance - the cosmopolitan capital of England is home to a growing number of ethnic communities of Asian origin, comprising popularly, among others, the Indians, Pakistanis, Malaysians and the Chinese. Though a minority, the Asian community is gradually bringing our scrumptious food closer to the population in London - after all, food bonds people and something new always adds an inviting surprise to the local palate.

If you are visiting London sometime soon, looking for Asian food as cheap as those sold back home will be tough (almost none at all) but you could filter your search and look for menus with decent prices that work well within your budget. Having a taste of something familiar in a land far away helps to ease, to an extent, homesickness - spending a little more on some days will be worth the bite. Browse below for some spots you can head to for affordable Asian food under GBP10 (SGD20).

Asian Food in London - The Most Affordable

Regarded as London’s finest, the springy homemade udon from Koya Bar has pleased many noodle-lovers in the city. You can get a bowl of plain noodles for GBP6.90 (SGD13) and add on extra toppings for a third the price of your main. If your budget permits, a small hot cup of Japanese tea for GBP2.30 (SGD5) will offer the refreshing kick you need for the day.

You can visit Koya Bar at the Bloomberg Arcade in the city or head out to Soho’s outlet on Frith Street.

We could die for Taiwanese fried chicken - biting into these crispy and juicy tenders from Good Friend will remind you of snack time back home. Located on Little Newport Street, also known as Chinatown London, Good Friend is one of the best food outlets to head down to if you need a quick bite on the go.

All chicken pieces are fresh and fried-to-order at two temperatures so you get to sink your teeth into deliciously tender meat. We’re already salivating as we write this. Skilfully marinated in a mix (courtesy of their signature family recipe), each sliced chicken breast is then tossed in three different types of flour before they are fried to crispiness in an oven shipped all the way from Taiwan. Before it is served, as you would already know, the chicken is doused with a choice of seasoning. All these at GBP6 (SGD11). Have we also mentioned that Good Friend uses Halal meat?

If a classic Singaporean breakfast (or lunch, dinner and supper) is what you are craving for, the flaky roti prata would come to mind. The great souls at Roti King probably knew what Singaporeans and Malaysians in London will need far away from home and they do it as well as we know it. For GBP5 (SGD9), you get two pieces of Roti Prata served with dhal. If you fancy some meat, you can choose between their fish, chicken and mutton curries by paying a pound and a half more. Murtabak lovers can also relish in a plate of the well-loved flaky meat pancake, alongside desserts and a hot cup of yummy Teh Tarik.

Roti King is hidden away in the basement of 40 Doric Way, which is about 20 minutes from London’s city centre and a short walk from Euston Station.

Asian Food in London - The Most Affordable

Another gem at Chinatown London, Jen Café is one food spot you should drop by. Well-recognised for its vivid jade green shopfront, the café offers passers-by a delightful spectacle with its open kitchen facing the frontal windows. London onlookers can watch the skilled chefs make the famous Beijing dumplings from scratch - observing the adept hands of the food masters rolling the dough, slicing and filling them with the delicious spicy pork and vegetable stuffing offers some therapeutic break from the rush around you. Spend just GBP5 (SGD9) for a set of eight dumplings and you are all sorted for lunch!

Bi Bim Bap is known for its cheap warm dolsots of the namesake dish - Bibimbap. From mixed seafood to spicy pork, diners can choose from a variety of meat as well as five different options for vegetables. The most simple bowl, priced at GBP8.50 (SGD10) is topped with seasoned veggies, which include cucumbers, bean sprouts and spinach, as well as a flavourful fried egg served together with a decent amount of rice. Take each bite with a pickled kimchi cabbage to complete the flavours in this traditional homely Korean meal.

Bi Bim Bap is located in the residential areas of Fitzrovia and Soho within London.

Asian Food in London - The Most Affordable

The best bargain in the whole of London yet, Indian Veg lets you choose from an irresistible collection of vegetable curries, salads, flatbreads, fritters and other types of Indian food - simply pay GBP6.50 (SGD12) and eat as much as you can manage. The best place to head to for a cheap and hearty vegetarian meal before a long night out at Islington, this London restaurant hits the spot for the most affordable Asian food in the city.

You can find Indian Veg at the Chapel Market, located within Islington’s shopping and entertainment hub, which locals refer to as Angel.

There are plenty of cheap London restaurants out there where you can find cheap Asian food - our list is simply our best pick. Venture out and find more while you’re there. You can also make friends with some locals, especially Asians, who will know where the affordable restaurants are all over the city.

As mentioned before, searching for prices we are used to paying back in Singapore will be a tough bet in London, but should you find one - let the secret out!