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London, the capital city of the United Kingdom, is the most sought after holiday destination in the entire world. The city is famous for its 2000-year old history, age-old architecture, museums, fashion, food, and some invariably beautiful sightseeing spots that you cannot find anywhere else. The locals here are some of the most fascinating people you will ever meet. Much of England’s population is concentrated in London only. 

London lies in South England and stands on River Thames. The river cuts the city into halves: the northern half and the southern half. Hence, the city is built on the flood plain of the River Thames and so the city is mainly a low land. 

London enjoys a temperate oceanic climate. This means the summers are cool and the winters are cool as well but not cold. There are very few cases of extreme temperatures. The monthly mean temperature remains less than 22 °C in the warmest month and above 0 °C in the coldest month. March to May is the most appropriate time to visit London as the temperatures remain mild and the city is all green and blooming around this time. However, the prime tourist season is late spring along with summer.

Airport in London

London has the world’s busiest airspace in terms of passenger traffic in the entire world. There are eight airports in the city but majorly six airports serve London city and contribute to commercial air traffic. Out of all these airports, London Heathrow Airport in Hillingdon is the most famous and is the second busiest airport in the entire world. You can easily guess this because the airport has five terminals. It is the major hub for British Airways. Getting to London from London Heathrow Airport is made easy by Heathrow Express. Non-stop trains run from here to Paddington every 15 minutes. Other modes of transport available from here include London Underground, TfL Rail, National Express Coach, and Taxis.

Two other airports serve the city’s tourists. This includes London Gatwick Airport and London City Airport. If you happen to land on London City Airport the DLR trains serve you the best for the forward journey or else take a taxi. Alternatively, if you get down at Gatwick Airport you can either board the Gatwick Express train or take a taxi or a bus. The bus will be the cheapest mode though. The transport system in the city is discussed in great detail in the text to follow! 

Transportation in London

Getting around London is well-sorted. The city has the largest urban transport system in the world. It has integrated buses, roads, and river systems spread across the whole city. There are various means by which you can experience London, namely:

  1. Buses: The double-decker buses are the cheapest and most suited transport system in the city.
  2. London Underground: Also known as “the tube”, it is the underground rail network in London. It is easy to commute and quite fast too.
  3. Docklands Light Railway: This railway system serves the Southern and Eastern parts of London and runs driverless.
  4. River Bus Services: A very fascinating way to see London, as it is the fastest way to get around and you enjoy magnificent views of the city.
  5. Local Trains: Running over the ground, local train is yet another way to travel the city.
  6. London Trams: These run in South London are easily accessible and frequent.
  7. Taxis: As majorly all cities have, taxis like black cabs and minicabs run all over the city.

How to get to London 

Since London is one of the most important global cities in the world and the most visited one too, it is efficiently connected to the world by air.  Daily flights are plying both to and fro. About 100 international airlines run flights in and out of London. London is the world’s most connected city as it has 351 direct flights to international destinations.

British Airways is the national carrier and Heathrow Airport is the major hub for it. Other major airlines contributing passenger traffic include BA, Norwegian, TUI Airways, Thomas Cook Airlines, Monarch Airlines, EasyJet, Ryanair, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, and Vueling. If London is your next holiday destination, traveling can never be an issue as there are so many flight options.

How much are the hotels in London?

London being such a huge city, it is difficult to pinpoint a single area where you will find hotels for all kinds of travelers. Also, things to do in London are spread out in the whole city, so booking hotels in London depends entirely on your budget and points of interest in the city. But, it is easy to find hotels in most parts of London. Some major parts include:

  1. The West End: It is the central district of London with major art galleries, amazing restaurants, theatres, and most of the city’s nightlife. This area majorly contains 4 and 5-star hotels with few mid-range ones. London hotels in this area are best suited for families. 
  2. Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia: Lying to the north of the West End, this area has a wide range of hotels available. The hotels here are cheaper than the former but the area is low on sights. The excellent connection with public transport to other parts of London makes it a good choice to book London hotels. It is walkable to the West End.
  3. Victoria: Lying on the fringes to the West End, the area has hotels from costly to the cheap ones.  
  4. Kensington: Lying on the south-west of the West End, Kensington has many major attractions of the city. The area has ample 5-star hotels and something for all price ranges.
  5. South Bank: Some boutique hotels are found in this area lying across the Thames. Numerous attractions lie here.
  6. City of London: This area is good for sights and has some cheap hotels in London. You also get weekend bargains in the costly ones here.
  7. Camden and the East End: You get bargain hotels here but the area is less suited for sight-seeing.

London Tourist Information 

Top tourist attractions in London

London is the world’s most visited city. It is known for its vibrant culture. It has something for every kind of traveler. So, picking the best out of the best will be quiet difficult. Still, here are our top picks out of all London attractions:

  1. Hyde Park: To take some fresh air in the city center, visit Hyde Park. You can also enjoy paddle boating and spot some swans in two water bodies inside the park. The park is very famous in London, as in the past many protests were held here. Even today every week many debates and performances are held here.
  2. Westminster: The political core of London lies here. This is because the Houses of Parliament stand here along with the very famous Big Ben clock tower. Other major attractions here include Westminster Abbey and Parliament Square. 
  3. London Eye: The most beautiful spot in London is the London Eye especially at night. The Eye is a huge giant wheel which showcases breath-taking views of the city. It is lit up with lights of seasonal colors at night. You can also visit the London Aquarium which is located nearby to witness aquatic creatures like seahorses, crocodiles, and jellyfish.

Top food places in London

The dining experience in London is quite overwhelming. Looking at the huge size of the city, targeting the right areas for food is necessary. Don’t worry the following information might help:

  1. Camden: It lies in North London and is known for its vibrant culture. It happens to be the best place to eat in London. You will find here delectable street food from various International cuisines. Then there are some fine-dining restaurants too in Camden!
  2.  Islington: Locals refer to it as the ‘Supper Street’. You will find some amazing restaurants here serving food throughout the day.
  3. Soho: It is the most famous area in London among tourists. This is because the food here is by far delicious. The nightlife and theatre scene in this area is a must experience to have! helps you plan your holiday in the most budgeted way. Flight booking and London hotel deals as a combination will turn out to be the cheapest deal. Apart from that offers 24-hour customer service and travel recommendations to serve you the best!

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