5 K-Dramas That Will Make You Want To Travel

20 May 2021

We are stuck at home but it doesn’t mean that we can’t indulge in a little escapism. Check out these 5 k-dramas to curb your wanderlust, at least for the time being? We have included our editors' picks on some must-visit attractions and places to visit in each destination. Don't forget to add them to your travel bucket list!

Descendants of the Sun (Greece)

Descendants of the Sun (affectionately known to fans as DOTS) is 2016's highest rating Korean drama starring Soong Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo. Besides the love line, fans were also interested in the popular drama's exotic filming locations. The main story is set on a fictional war-torn island of Uruk, but it was actually filmed in multiple destinations around South Korea and Greece.

We have handpicked 2 of our favourite locations from the drama!

Editors' pick #1: Navagio Beach, Greece

Navagio Beach, also known as Shipwreck Beach or Smuggler’s Cove is off the coast of Zakynthos, Greece. It is named after a marooned smuggling vessel which has become a permanent and oft-photographed fixture of this postcard-perfect destination since 1982. This particular location is memorable to fans because this is the site where the relationship between the two leads begins to blossom.

The beach is covered with white pebbles instead of sand and is surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters, making boats the only form of transportation to the island. If you're looking for the best place in the world to propose, this might be it!

Source: Asia 361, Weekender

5 K-Dramas That Will Make You Want To Travel

Editors' pick #2: Arachova, Greece

The another pick from the drama will be this mountain town, Arachova — located west of Boeotia, Greece. Several places in this town were used as locations in the drama.

The town is a great winter destination mainly thanks to the three ski centers located on Parnassus mountain. Thus, it’s not a surprise that skiing is a popular activity to do in Arachova. Besides skiing, you can look forward to traditional architecture, beautiful natural landscape, and vivid nightlife all year round.

Source: Greeka

5 K-Dramas That Will Make You Want To Travel

Goblin (Quebec, Canada)

Who could forget the scene when the male lead magically teleport in and out of a red door where the beautiful sight of Quebec awaits him? In reality, the red door is the emergency exit of the Théâtre Petit Champlain, which has since become an attraction for the drama fans. If you have yet to watch this highly acclaimed show, you should totally get started!

Based on the Korean folklore about dokkaebi, a higher spiritual being roughly translated as a goblin, the drama stars actor Gong Yoo as the male lead — Kim Shin, a warrior who was impaled on a sword centuries ago and transformed into an immortal with endless wealth.

Source: The Straits Times

Editors' pick #3: Old Québec, Canada

Walk along the fortified walls surrounding this UNESCO World Heritage Site and admire the view from every angle. For all its 400 years of incredible history, it’s still very much alive: magical in the winter and popping in the summer. Full of charming little streets and local shops, Old Québec is best visited on foot.

Don't forget to check out Château Frontenac, Québec City’s most famous landmark which is also the most photographed hotel in the world.

Source: Quebec Cite

5 K-Dramas That Will Make You Want To Travel

Editors' pick #4: Montmorency Falls, Canada

Even though this spot is not featured in the drama, our editors would recommend you to check it out when you are in Quebec. Only 15 minutes from downtown, Montmorency Falls are 83m tall, a full 30m higher than Niagara Falls! There is a path runs along the cliff’s edge to the suspension bridge at the very top of the falls. Once on the bridge, you’ll experience the overwhelming power of the falls as it rushes and roars beneath your feet.

Source: Quebec Cite

5 K-Dramas That Will Make You Want To Travel

Memories of the Alhambra (Alhambra, Spain)

Memories of Alhambra is a mystery drama about an augmented reality game, centering on a company CEO and a hostel owner who get entangled in a series of mysterious incidents. The series is not just especially interesting due to its story and genre, but also since unlike other k-dramas, a significant part of the show was shot in Spain (to be precise in Barcelona, Granada and Girona). Some of the scenes were filmed in Slovakia and Hungary too.

Get ready to feast on scenic views of these cities, as you embark on a series of exciting and magical adventures with the leads!

Source: Progressive Productions

Editors' pick #5: Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain

The Alhmabra Palace was featured a handful of times in the series. It is a palace fortress complex sitting on the Sabikah Hill in Granada, Spain. It counts as one of the major examples and monuments of Moorish architecture in Islamic architecture and is also one of the most visited European tourist attractions.

Part of this palace complex is the Court of the Lions [Patio de los Leones] with its marble fountain that sits on twelve lions. Another part of the complex that sits right next to it, is the Court of the Myrtles [Patio de los Arrayanes] surrounded by the chambers of the Comares Palace [Palacio de Comares]. Both of these courts are seen in Memories of the Alhambra.

Source: Korean Dramaland

5 K-Dramas That Will Make You Want To Travel

Editors' pick #6: Mirador San Nicolás in Granada, Spain

Beside the Alhambra Palace itself, Mirador de San Nicolas is another "must do" attraction in Granada. It is a square in the Albaicin which offer incredible views of the city of Granada, the Alhambra and the mountainous landscape beyond.

When you’ve finished admiring the sights, enjoy the plaza’s lively atmosphere. If you are lucky there will be some very good flamenco singing and guitar playing.

Source: granadainfo

5 K-Dramas That Will Make You Want To Travel

Crash Landing on You (Switzerland)

With a whopping 21.7 percent overall viewership, Crash Landing on You is the second-highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history receiving worldwide stardom. The plot involves a South Korean woman (starring Son Ye-jin), who accidentally crash-lands in North Korea, soon finding herself falling for a North Korean army officer (starring Hyun Bin).

The drama was mainly filmed in the provinces of South Korea for its ‘North Korea’ scenes. But what really caught the eyes of the viewers were the iconic scenes filmed in Switzerland - prompting fans around the world to place the country on top of their travel bucket list.

Source: South China Morning Post

Editors' pick #7: Lake Lungern in Obwalden, Switzerland

One of the final scenes in the entire series shows our hero and heroine together at last in their home in Switzerland. You’d think a place this beautiful can’t possibly exist, but it does and you can visit it at Lake lungern, Obwalden.

It is nestled between impressive mountains and beautiful scenery. And what is even more amazing? The water is of drinking quality and up to 23 degrees, is perfect for bathing, and also has a small swimming pool area with a fine sandy beach and a long water slide.

Source: My Switzerland, AsiaOne

5 K-Dramas That Will Make You Want To Travel

Editors' pick #8: Grindelwald, Switzerland

In the last episode, the tearful reunion between the two leads was filmed against the gorgeous landscapes of Grindelwald – and it made the entire scene 10 times more beautiful!

The attractive town of Grindelwald is located in the Swiss Bernese Alps and is bordered by the north face of the Eiger and the Wetterhorn. Known locally as ‘the vibrant Eiger village’, Grindelwald offers spectacular views and plenty of activities. During the winter months, the town will be buzzed with ski enthusiasts. In the summer, you can look forward to enjoying the many and varied outdoor activities such as Mountain Carts, Canyon Swing and Paragliding.

Source: AsiaOne, Holidays to Switzerland

5 K-Dramas That Will Make You Want To Travel

Encounter (Havana, Cuba)

The drama is about the love story between two very different people whose lives change after a chance encounter — a CEO divorcee and a simple, younger man. The show is the first among k-dramas to film in Havana, Cuba which is famous for its nostalgic architecture, classic cars, live music and tasty mojitos.

Source: Soompi

Here are some of the best places to check out when you in Havana!

Editors' pick #9: El Malecon in Havana, Cuba

If you want an intimate glimpse at life in Havana, take a stroll along the seaside on El Malecon. Translated as “the pier”, El Malecon is a restored seafront walkway situated along the city’s north coastline and provides lovely views of Havana’s iconic architecture and coast.

It’s also the unofficial symbol of the city, often seen on postcards and in films. El Malecon is a destination in and of itself, so food and music is abundant all along the pier. Sunset is a particularly good time to sit along the sea-wall with a box of rum.

Source: Expert Vagabond

5 K-Dramas That Will Make You Want To Travel

Editors' pick #10: Habana Vieja, Cuba

Habana Vieja, or Old Havana, is the historic heart of Cuba's capital city and the largest colonial centre in Latin America. Full of colour and personality, it's a mix of historic buildings, museums, galleries, churches and lively plazas.

It is quite possibly the most beautiful area of the city and a must-see if you’re visiting. Many buildings have fallen into ruin, but some are starting to get restored too. While you should definitely enjoy yourself strolling around the old city, just beware of jineteros, local hustlers trying to make a buck off you.

Source: Expert Vagabond

5 K-Dramas That Will Make You Want To Travel