Zhaoze “No Answer Blowin’ in the Wind” 沼泽《没有答案风中飘》

Feb 18, 2024



Embark on an auditory journey as Guangzhou's instrumental post-rock sensation, Zhaoze, graces Singapore with their debut performance. Renowned for their poetic compositions, Zhaoze's music is a masterpiece that flows seamlessly, much like the strokes of a Chinese landscape painting.

What sets them apart is their unorthodox arrangement, delicately blending traditional instruments like the guqin (Chinese stringed instrument) and xiao (Chinese vertical flute) with the contemporary nuances of progressive and post-rock. The result is an intense and immersive experience that carries the weight of ancient China while resonating with modern sensibilities.

Be prepared for a captivating evening as Zhaoze showcases songs from their latest album, "No Answer Blowin’ in the Wind," intertwined with classics, promising an unforgettable sonic journey.

Tickets are priced from S$38 and are available for purchase on

📆 Date: 18 Feb 2024 (Sun)

⏱️ Time: 5pm

📍 Location: Esplanade Annexe Studio, 1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore 038981

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