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About Toronto

Toronto is one of the most important tourism cities in eastern Canada. It is the capital city of Ontario and an important transportation hub connecting to New York. Toronto is the home to many immigrants from around the world. In terms of culture, people and food, it is a very multifaceted city filled with the styles of different countries. You can go downtown to experience the hustle and bustle of a giant metropolis or you can sit and gaze off peacefully into nature near Lake Ontario. Visit the many neighborhoods full of people from different countries and taste their ethnic cuisines, go to the Royal Ontario Museum, the markets, trendy shops in the Fashion District... The possibilities are endless.

Popular Attractions in Toronto

Niagara Falls
1,067 Reviews
Niagara Falls spans the eastern gap between Canada and the United States. It is made up of three distinct falls known as Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. Horseshoe Falls are completely in Canada. American Falls, separated from Horseshoe Falls by Goat Island, are completely in the United States. Facing Canada, Bridal Veil Falls are also completely in the United States. These falls are separated from the other two by Luna Island. On the Canadian side, a waterfall walkway was built so visitors could enjoy a full view of all three waterfalls with a special focus on the spectacular scenery of Horseshoe Falls. If visitors want to get closer to these giant waterfalls, they can take a boat on the Niagara River up close to the waterfall. From here, the falls are even more enthralling.
University of Toronto
524 Reviews
The University of Toronto located in sprawling environs in one of Canada’s premier cities is an academic center, where talent, skill and intelligence are nurtured and young men and women are inspired to achieve greatness. The University has been ranked in the top 15 in all fields of study in the Times Education Supplement 2009. With imposing buildings, lush greenery and sprawling grounds, the University of Toronto is a center of learning where students converge from all over the world. The University has three campuses: University of Toronto St. George in downtown Toronto, University of Toronto Mississauga to the west, and University of Toronto Scarborough to the east.
CN Tower
684 Reviews
Modern Architecture
Observation Deck
Those with a fear of heights might want to skip the bison tenderloin at the top-floor revolving restaurant of Toronto’s CN Tower, one of the world’s tallest buildings and a Wonder of the World for the American Society of Civil Engineers. Opened in 1976, approximately two million visitors arrive per year to scoff at gravity along its glass-floored observation deck, 342 meters above the ground. The tower currently transmits television and radio entertainment for the Toronto area. More importantly for travelers, it offers some amazing views of the city, especially at night when the twinkling lights of Toronto are unveiled in panorama.
Toronto Islands
262 Reviews
The Toronto Islands offer outdoor enthusiasts a host of fun activities in which to engage. Whether you want to rent a bicycle to tour the various islands or rent canoes to explore their respective coastlines, the Toronto Islands offer you a quiet oasis in the midst of Canada’s most bustling city. Once the home of various Native American tribes, Canadians settled the islands early in the 19th century. Now the largest car-free urban area in North America, the Toronto Islands offer you a multitude of attractions, including numerous swimming beaches, the Centreville amusement park and the annual Olympic Island music festival and the Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival.

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Chocolate Making Workshop - Make chocolate happiness ! (Toronto location)
Ritz and Glamour Toronto - VIP Entertainment Tour
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Trip Moments

[A Trip to the Land of Maple Leaves] Some clips of Toronto You will also see the shadows of New York in this city, and because of this it also gives me a good feeling towards it. The majority of the photographs below were taken of the Old Distillery, where there was previously a brewery and now there is a cultural and creative park. For me the memories of the Raptors have remained in the age of the purple jerseys of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and all along have been those of that bottom team that never made it into the finals even with the league star Carter. But times have changed. The only non-American team in the NBA has captured the O’Brien Trophy, even though it looks like it will be hard for it to defend its title next season. So I guess that the championship souvenirs will be limited to just this one season. I hurried to spend a serious amount of money to buy a jersey. They may run out soon!
Posted: 29 Jul 2019
captured happiness   
In the university where Chi Ling's sister won a double degree.  Many students graduate from the University of Toronto, such as Bethune, Qian Weichang, Lin Zhiling, and Dashan! Zhiling's sister, who has finally got married, has also earned a double degree. It is both worthy and talented. Many of the benches on the campus have added nameplates to these celebrities, clearly indicating that talent is the university's successful gold sign. There are several branches in the center of downtown Toronto. From the downtown side of the street, you can see that there is a large green space between the buildings, and the shade is like an umbrella. It is the famous poetic Philosopher's Walk. The philosopher's path , here you can come in at will chaos, it is a Canadian tour of the maple tour must be punched. Just entered the trail that day, I saw the black squirrel eating the hair in the dormitory area and welcome us! Here is the location of the famous movie Harry Potter, which is very eye-catching. Seeing a mixed-race football game in progress, think about this kind of welfare can not help but marvel:.! It is a favorite university.
Posted: 10 Jul 2019
If you love the arts you mustn’t miss the Art Gallery of Ontario. Get a feel of Toronto’s arts and culture at the Art Gallery of Ontario, check out the art exhibitions here! The gallery’s collection comprises over 40,000 pieces, and you can get a real feel for the cultural flavor of a top collection. I absolutely love one spiral staircase inside the gallery. Constructed in glued laminated timber, the spiral staircase is a spectacular highlight of the gallery’s wooden construction. Local teachers bring their students to see the exhibitions here. Sitting together in a circle, they absorb the spirit of individual expression and free innovation from an artist’s point of view. In this sanctuary of the arts, we get to see the whole seemingly familiar world with a brand new perspective. Opening hours: 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM (closed Mondays, extended to 8:30 PM on Wednesdays) Admission: free
Posted: 10 May 2019
The winter island of Toronto seems to have a quiet power. Even the lively and vibrant casinos on weekdays have become leisurely. The slower and more beautiful, the rushing pace of travel, it's not here. Slow down. This amusement park has not been crowded with people, but it is more and more beautiful. The white swan, the green-topped houses, and the European-style amusement park towns in the lake are all unique colors.
Posted: 5 Dec 2018
Traveling Sisters   
Feeling the rhythm of the music in Toronto, Canada, you must take part in a well-prepared music tour. The street is big, this is the epitome of Toronto's music development, and you can even see the road to Toronto's growth. This kind of life is for music lovers.  Toronto is a typical English city or a white city of Angru Saxon. It is hard to imagine that nowadays, the unrestrained Toronto, in the 1940s, can only buy wine on the street. To purchase wine, you can only go to these upscale places in the hotel. What's more, entertainment, in the words of the silver-haired group friends, is too conservative before, she must be true, after all, she experienced this era. In 1947, the situation finally changed. The store could also get the liquor license. So the bars and nightclubs came into being. The singers and musicians were invited to perform in the store to attract more guests. Yonge Street became a fertile ground for jazz and blues. Maple Leaves Garden, built-in 1931, is well preserved. There will be photo exhibitions, and friends who are curious about the history of Toronto music can visit. In the golden age, there was a stage where the famous fried chickens were the first choice. Countless people have had concerts in Toronto. These names are now counted, even those who do not know much about music can shake three shakes! Among them are the Beatles, Elvis Presley, and Bob Dylan, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature, which has influenced the whole world. Several generations of superstars have been named in the history of Toronto music performances.
Posted: 17 Dec 2018