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Salar de UyuniNearby City

Salar de Uyuni

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"Far away in Bolivia, the dreamy skyline of Uyuni, the most beautiful part of the trip to South America, is known as the "sky mirror" in the western plateau of Bolivia's Potosí province. In addition to the endless salt flats, there are pink flamingos, millennium cactus, rare hummingbirds and hotels built entirely of salt bricks, which makes Uyuni Salt Marsh a must-visit for tourists in South America ~ Many say it is very similar to the Chaka Salt Lake in Qinghai. "It must be said that there is a similarity, but only when you have been to Uyuni, you can understand what the real sky is, because the area is many times the size of Chaka Salt Lake, and the endless salt lake is covered by rain, and the smooth surface reflects white clouds." Wonderland! Generally people who come to Uyuni will participate in a half-day tour, sunrise or sunset tour in the local area. Experienced local guides drive the car and bring the team to find a mirror. I personally recommend watching the sunset, because in addition to seeing the colorful sky, we can also see the reflection of the galaxy. Spectacular. Most people will pay a three-day, two-night tour to Chile after visiting the salt lake, or from the Chilean border to Uyuni, the tour is basically the same, but from Uyuni will be cheaper than in Chile, the general price is about $170. 🌸🌸🌸 Three days and two nights tours will visit the train cemetery - Cactus Island - Various lakes - Red Lake - Geothermal Springs in turn, of which I like the train cemetery and Red Lake and Geothermal Springs the most. 💫 The train cemetery is a lot of abandoned locomotives, but it is covered with graffiti and it is particularly interesting to take pictures. 💫The red lake naturally shows pink color, and there are many flamingos around it, which seems to be especially girlish! 💫 Geothermal springs are not the geyser zone that normally understands the hot springs, but a geothermal field, consisting mainly of steam pools and mud pools, the most representative of steam pools that rise steam at all times, it is said that steam can be up to 50 meters in the morning under pressure. 🌈 About traffic: We entered La Paz, Bolivia's capital, from Peru, and then La Paz flew to Uyuni. The price of the ticket is very stable, basically in the early 122th, the flight time is 40 minutes. 🌈 Regarding visas: Bolivia can land visa for Chinese passports, visa fee is $130 (requires a copy of Xiaohuang). If you apply in advance at the Peruvian Embassy in Cusco in Bolivia, it only needs $30. It can be obtained on the same day, first of all! 🌈 About the temperature: The temperature difference between morning and evening is particularly large, and short sleeves can be used during the day, because UV is strong and must be sunscreen, and the jacket is very necessary when the star cluster."