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is about 3 kilometers from the town of Sapa in Vietnam. There are many
walks from the village, where you will see many locals wearing traditional costumes arriving at the Miao nationality. Some common Miao people in the village
Posted: 23 Jan 2019
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Sapa Town: good morning view restaurant from the town to this restaurant takes about one kilometer, the location is relatively remote
Ta phin cave This is a very small attraction next to a town called Sapa in northern Vietnam. The cave is in a small village northeast of Sapa town. The car can't enter after arriving at the village. It takes 800 meters to walk to the cave. The villagers have followed us since we got off the bus and went back to the cave. They have good English and will ask for your source and name, and they will ask you to buy what they are selling. Of course, you can pretend that you can't speak English. When you reach the cave, the whole cave is extremely dark, and you can't reach your fingers. At this time, you must rent the headlights that the villagers can sell to us, because the mobile phone flash is too weak. The villagers will also ask you to ask them to be your cave guide, because some parts of the cave interior are somewhat complicated, and the guide may not get lost. But we didn't know it at first, just went in, but just after walking, the light shines on a figure of a child, and they will give guidance to people in the cave all the year round, even if you tell them no. Many places in the cave are very narrow. Don't wear any backpack as much as possible. Otherwise, it is difficult to walk, and it is a wild hole. It is not a scenic spot. It does not charge tickets, so it will not be responsible for your safety. No helmet is a A big security risk. Fortunately, I didnt see any strange creatures in the cave. When I left, there were two local people coming in to pick us up (in order to sell goods). In the end, we still bought some, but the price is really very good. High, basically can be half price.