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About Sanya

Sanya is one of China's famous tourism cities. You can indulge to your heart's content in the beautiful coastal landscape and abundant water sports activities. You can also go the primordial rainforest to enjoy Sanya’s original ecological environment. You can also pay your respects to the Nanshan Guanyin, a 135-meter-tall bodhisattva, make obeisance and pray for good fortune, listen to the legend of Luhuitou (The Deer Looking Back) or go to Tianya Haijiao (The Ends of the Earth) and make a vow to love and be loved until the end of time. This place also has fresh affordable seafood and tropical fruits. It is a delicious way to spend the afternoon, and you can eat as much as you want. At Yalong Bay and Haitang Bay, there are great collections of many star-rated luxury resorts and hotels. It is one of the most highly-coveted seaside resort locations.

Popular Attractions in Sanya

Wuzhizhou Island
24,602 Reviews
Wuzhizhou Island is a neighbouring island close to downtown Sanya that has magnificent scenery.The sea water there is crystal clear and teeming with marine life. The island is a well-known diving spot and it is also a good place for water activities such as Jet Ski rides, parasailing, and a banana-boat cruise. Wuzhizhou Island is well-developed and well-equipped with resort villas, bars, and seafood restaurants. You can stay here for one night to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park
23,410 Reviews
Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park is a park unique for its tropical rainforest. It is also the main filming location for the movie “If You Are the One 2”. Here, you can trek through the rainforest, enjoy the company of a variety of orchids, walk on the bridge where Shu Qi once walked, or climb up to the top of the hill overlooking the Yalong Bay to enjoy the magnificent view.
Tianya Haijiao
23,648 Reviews
Rock Monument
Tianya Haijiao is a famous landmark in Sanya. The highlights of this scenic spot are the seashore scenery and rocks that come in different shapes. “Tianya” and “Haijiao” are two big rocks that have large Chinese inscriptions on them. It is a symbol of love for many people, making it a popular attraction among couples. In addition to these two stones, other famous stone carvings include “Nan Tian Yi Zhu” and “Rocks of Sun and Moon,” which represent wealth and love respectively. Do look out for them too when you are there.
Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone
15,290 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone is located in Yazhou District of Sanya. It is a famous religious and cultural site in China. The attraction is built by the sea, where you can enjoy the natural beauty of mountains and seas. The Nanshan Temple and the 33 Guanyin Temple in the scenic spot are both excellent places for worshipping Buddhas. At the end of the scenic spot, the 108-meter high Guan Yin of Nanshan cannot be missed.

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Sanya Boundary Island Open Sea Diving + Snorkeling + Surfing + Aquarium + Diving Photography/Video
Sanya Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Area + Penang Valley Chartered Bus One-day Tour

Sanya Weather

7 Jul 2020
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8 Jul 2020
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Trip Moments

Many tourists who visit Sanya will go to Wuzhizhou Island, but not many people are familiar with West Island. It is located in Tianya District of Sanya City near the city centre. The scenery is beautiful. The island does not have much traffic and the small fishing village has been visited by many artists, eventually becoming known as a literary sacred place. This place is very suitable for taking pictures. It can even rival Gulangyu Island in Xiamen. Have you been here?
Posted: 10 Aug 2019
Houhai Village has not been developed except for the local fisherman. The sunrise in this village is beautiful and the sunset fascinated me. Compared to the Sanya Urban area, where tourism is quite mature, it is a quiet village where people live like in a forgotten secret. The bay is very calm. Queens Bay is located on the east side of Sanya and it is the most suitable place to watch the sunrise. When I visited the beach, the sun was nice, and it did not feel as though I was getting scorched. The waters of the sea retreated, so the beach stretched out farther off than usual. There are many tourists who visit this bay, and many of them have gone out into the sea, enjoying the water activities. The yellow on the horizon is bright, and the blue of the ocean is deep.
Posted: 19 Dec 2018
My friends and I have visited Sanya many times. The city is at the southernmost tip of Hainan Island. When visited at the right time, you can enjoy the warm sun. Some of our old drivers who often visited Sanya, would go there just to bask in the sun. Although two days is a short time, there was still time for eating, drinking and having fun. You can visit the fish market and eat all the different kinds of seafood that you want. You can even go and lay on the beach, doing absolutely nothing, and still have a good time. Everything works here. 
Posted: 21 Dec 2018
Wuzhizhou Island in Sanya combines romance and leisure and is a great place to go on a vacation. The island is small, the sea is clear and blue, and the sand is white and soft. While walking on the boardwalk by the sea, you can enjoy the view of the sea, while also enjoying the view of the tropical rainforest. Walking around is a very leisurely activity. Wuzhizhou Island enjoys the reputation of being the first diving base in China. Those who enjoy marine activities such as snorkelling and diving should not miss out on these. If you want to go for one of these, you should make bookings on the travel website in advance as you can get discounts. If you enjoy activities such as these, you can even book tickets that are all inclusive. 1399 HKD for ferry tickets, entertainment and gourmet lunch. This may be a more affordable option.  A few things you need to pay attention to are: 1. You will spend a long time outdoors so please wear a sun hat and apply sunscreen to protect your skin. 2. There is a difference in the temperature during the day and the night, so please bring warm clothes and rain gear.
Posted: 1 Dec 2018
People say that the sea in Yalong Bay is the cleanest and most delicate in all the bays in Sanya. The sea is also the clearest blue. We stayed in Haitang Bay and didn’t want to leave. I finally decided to drive out to see this bay since I wanted to know what it was like. There are many ways to have fun trying out the different water activities here.  The entertainment options are available right on the beach. Luxury yachts, sailing boats, snorkelling, paragliding, motorboats, etc. are all good choices. Yalong Bay Traffic Guide: Only 30 minutes’ drive from the city, 40 minutes from the airport, 10 minutes’ drive from Tropical Paradise Park. Commercial shopping food circles include: Baihuagu Commercial Street, Outlets, Aicu, Yatai Commercial Centre Bus: You can take bus No. 15 and No. 27 (Phoenix Airport to Yalong Bay)
Posted: 7 Dec 2018