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About Saipan

Saipan (塞班岛) ranks as one of the top vacation spots on the globe and is considered the world's best place for diving. Besides snorkeling and scuba diving, here one can also fish, surf, go on helicopter rides, go boating, go on jungle adventures, ride in submarines, parasail, and enjoy all manner of other water activities. Saipan also boasts world-class golf courses offering beautiful tropical views. In addition, tour participants can visit Battleship Island, the Japanese army's Banzai Cliff, the two sites of the atomic bombing of Japan, and Suicide Cliffs. All these historically meaningful sites are well worth a visit.

Popular Attractions in Saipan

Managaha Island
1,473 Reviews
Managaha Island is a small resort island outside the main island of Saipan. The island is small in size and full of thick, green tropical plants. It's only ten minutes' walk around the island. With soft sand and aquamarine sea water, the whole island is encircled by silvery white beaches; close to the seashore, the waters are bestrewn with coral reeves and shoals of colorful tropical fish are seen gliding to and fro, making the island a perfect place for snorkeling and diving. Further on offer are unique recreational activities such as jet skiing, parasailing, surfing, banana boat riding, underwater walking, etc. as ways to enjoy the sun, the beach, the blue sea and clear sky to the fullest.
The Grotto
762 Reviews
The Grotto(Blue Hole) is a natural grotto connected to the Pacific Ocean and a scuba diving paradise in Saipan. The grotto's exterior exhibits a mysterious deep indigo blue; on the inside, there is a colossal cave of stalactites and two natural swimming pools connected to outer waters via a submarine passageway. Illuminated by beams of light from outer seas entering the cave through the passageway, the pools inside the Grotto give off a mysterious pale blue light, making both snorkeling and deep diving here an extraordinary experience.
Bird Island
566 Reviews
Bird Island is located near the Blue Hole in the Grotto in northeastern Saipan Island. It gets its name because of the many birds who call it home. Bird Island is very beautiful. However, because it is a protected area, visitors generally are not allowed on the island. Visitors can look out on Bird Island from the scenic overlook which also has bird-watching binoculars available so you take a closer look at the many beautiful birds on the island. At low tide, it is also possible to get a bit closer to Bird Island. In addition to bird watching, this is an excellent place from which to enjoy the sunrise. As the light of the distant sun gradually colors the sky and sea, the scenery is magnificent. In the darkness of night, this is the place to go if you want to stargaze out into our brilliant galaxy.
Banzai Cliff
456 Reviews
There is a cliff in the north of Saipan called the Longevity Cliff. In June 1944, the United States surrounded and entered the Saipan where the Japanese Navy Command was located. In order to escape the fate of the captives, the Japanese ordered the officers and men of the island, family and girls’ high school students to jump off the cliff and loyal to the country. . In the process of jumping off the cliff, people shouted "Long live", and Longevity Cliff got its name.

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Trip Moments

The ruins of World War II under the cliff, the dreamy sea, overlooking the distance, the waves of the sea slamming against the rocks, who once thought of the baptism of war here. The "US-Japan War" made Saipan devastated. The two atomic bombs that were thrown at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the 20th century were loaded on Saipan. Although the smoke of the war has now dispersed, the heavy weapons left on the island and the major memorial parks are still telling people about the history of the year. The suicide cliff is located in the northern part of Saipan, adjacent to the Longevity Cliff. Its shore is covered with monuments of the size of the Japanese undead. Today, a large number of Japanese people are attracted to pay homage to this year. Wansui Cliff is the cliff at the northernmost tip of Saipan. In 1944, the US military attacked the Japanese base on the Mariana Islands, and the Japanese troops retreated to the northern end of the island, jumping off the cliff in order to escape the fate of the captured. The Japanese erected the Guanyin Tower of Peace at the Long Beach, and the Peace Monument was set up at the highest point of the cliff. Every year, many Japanese people come to these two places to worship. : The northern part of Saipan is the Pacific Ocean, the blue water is extraordinarily blue, and I also like the blue. These spots are located in the north of Saipan. They are the most suitable route for self-driving. What you can't miss is the way to play. There are still a lot of beautiful scenery waiting for you to dig on the road~
Posted: 14 Dec 2018