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City Park
Paradise Wildlife ParkNearby City

Paradise Wildlife Park

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"City Park"
"The most intimate contact with animals is going to the safari park, happy. I have been to many zoos before, but they are all very small in China, and there are not many animal species. It takes an hour or two to walk around. This time I'm going to the safari park. I heard that there are many rare animals in it, and there are many kinds of them. Be sure to bring a camera to take pictures. The play guide gets up early and prepares some dry food. I think that if I get tired from shopping, I can fill my stomach and distribute it to the animals. This zoo is so big, I looked at the tour map, and I guess I can't finish shopping in four hours. What I bought was a package ticket, in addition to the attraction ticket, it also came with a sightseeing car ticket. You can get in the car when you are tired. According to the brochure of the scenic spot, I came to the giant panda habitat. After all, the giant panda is a national treasure. I really want to see how the pandas in foreign zoos are doing. Hehe. Sure enough, they looked so comfortable, some walked around leisurely, one was particularly cute, lying on a stool eating bamboo, and one climbed directly onto the tree. In addition to giant pandas, I also saw many animals, such as tigers, golden monkeys, black swans, etc. Fortunately, I brought a camera this time. Every time I saw an animal, I would take photos of them. Warm reminder of the number of people: There are a lot of people watching, you can bring something to eat."