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Reviews about Minnanthu Village


Reviewed on 20 Feb 2019


Minnanthu Village
Minnanthu Village
Minnanthu Village

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Reviewed on 15 Jun 2019
#万千佛塔赤足行•2019校园游#No.37——Pagan·Minnanda Village Minnanda Village is a village on the Bagan Plain and still retains the original living conditions of the locals. Although Minanda Village is one of the officially recommended folk villages, the village is not the complicated scene of tourists and tour guides running around the village as imagined. What we see is still people’s inherent living conditions-grandmothers are weaving cloth; thin old cows are pulling ox carts and returning home from the owner; several aunts are cleaning up some kind of crops dried in the yard; two excited little ones The partner seems to have found a certain "treasure" in the village again... Walking around in the village, what you can feel is a simple, happy, and long-running living atmosphere. The un-rich life does not make people secular and worshipping money. This is very emotional. What also impressed me was the small school here. There are not many students, only five or six, all of whom are about six or seven years old. Although the teacher was not seen, the children were still reading and discussing aloud. Although they saw a few of us watching the excitement with interest, they were not disturbed. It must be mentioned that although Myanmar is an economically underdeveloped country, the national literacy rate here has reached an astonishing rate of 95[%], which is still very eye-catching. What I saw in Minanda Village gave me a more intuitive understanding of this number. After a hot day on the Bagan Plain, we were exhausted, so we decided to abandon the two pagodas on the itinerary and rest in the tea house in Minanda Village and go directly to watch the sunset. The facilities of the tea house are simple and not too clean. Especially near the cowshed, there are countless flies lingering. However, the toilet is unexpectedly clean! There is a lighter suspended with twine in the tea room, which is shared for free by all smokers. Seeing these two details, I couldn't help being both envious and ashamed. Here is another reason for me to like Bagan. is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.