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About Qinzhou

Qinzhou is a modern city situated on the coast of Guangxi province in southwest China. It is known for its picturesque scenery and rich history. The area has been a popular destination since ancient times and features in the works of many famous historical figures, including the Song dynasty poet Su Dongpo, the Qing dynasty painter Qi Baishan and the 20th-century poet Tian Han. Popular attractions include Sanniang Bay, Bazhai Valley and the former residence of the Qing dynasty military general Feng Zicai.

Popular Attractions in Qinzhou

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Bazhaigou is located within Guitai Town's Dongli Village. The scenic area has a vast coverage of virgin old-growth forest. The scenic area has not yet been fully developed. A boardwalk in the scenic area has been built alongside the stream. At any time, visitors can go from the boardwalk to play in the water. There are several small bridges along the path, as well as some beautiful pools of water. During the rainy seasons, visitors will see the pools overflowing with water. The landscape within the scenic area is beautiful, with fresh and clean air. It is an excellent place for hiking and leisure.
Sanniang Bay
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Boat Tour
Sanniang Bay is situated on the coast to the south of Qinzhou in Guangxi Province. It offers spectacular ocean views at sunrise and sunset. There are also a number of temples, and visitors can take a trip on a fishing boat, see rare Chinese white dolphins, and taste fresh seafood.
Volcano Island
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Volcano Island is a natural island formed by a volcanic eruption in Fangchenggang. It consists of six small connected islands and is also known by locals as Liudun Island. From the Red Sands Pier, take a boat to the island and have a stroll while enjoying the volcanic rocks and many ancient plants that have survived. The island abounds with oysters, and the buoys floating on the sea create a chic scenery. On Volcano Island, you can also bathe in sea mud and go fishing, among other activities.
Seventy-two Waterways
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Boat Tour
Seventy-two Waterways is located on the azure seas of Qinzhou Bay. There are over a hundred small islands throughout the area, separated by seventy-two water ways, hence the moniker. From ancient times it was known as "Penglai of the South." The swaths of mangroves covering the area are known as the jade belts of the seabed. Additionally, visitors can find a bronze statue of Dr. Sun Yat-sen and scenic spots like Xiandao Park.

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Trip Moments

In the depths of the 100,000 mountains in Guangxi, there is a scenic spot called Bazhaigou. When it comes to this, many people must compare it with Jiuzhaigou. This is a small, exquisite and delicate place in the southern country, although it is not as good as Jiuzhaigou. The fairytale is amazing, but it also stands out in the unique characteristics of Lingnan and subtropical rainforest. Bazhaigou is a virgin land that is hidden in the deep and fascinating virgin land. It is also a cool world where the valley explores and releases the summer mood. It is not far from the urban area, but it is particularly low-key in the eyes of tourists. As a national 4A level scenic spot, Bazhaigou is in conflict with the northwest of Qinzhou District of Qinzhou, about 50 kilometers away from the urban area. It is one of the source rivers of the Dazhou River in Qinzhou. It belongs to the Dalongling watershed system and is located at 100,000. The mountains are surrounded by mountains, surrounded by mountains, dense forests, numerous tall trees, and high vegetation coverage. After the 21st century, although Bazhaigou began to be built as a scenic spot, its reputation has gradually increased, but it is still only the tourists in the surrounding cities, but the reputation outside the province is still very small, many of which have not been heard. Over. Bamboo is thin and tall, and full of an uninhabited wildness, proudly standing in the mountains. Going along the stream, passing through the cliffs, the jadeite red beads, the cascading waterfalls plunging down, grass, orchids, ancient vines, woods, birds and squirrels... all in harmony, like poetry Picturesque, greedy breathing fresh mountain wind, bathed in this natural oxygen bar.
Posted: 17 Jun 2019