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Salar de Uyuni
Take the feeling of the cover on the mirror of the sky in Bolivia! The mirror of the sky is real? Come to Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia! It needs a wide and flat shallow surface to reflect the sky. It seems to be walking in the clouds on a sunny day. The starry night seems to be in the universe~ Uyuni Salt Flats is located in Uyuni, southwest of Bolivia. Near the town, it is the largest salt marsh in the world, with a total area of 100,000 square kilometers. The scientific name of the salt marsh is the saline-alkali lake, which mainly appears in the temperate and polar coastlines. The tropical and subtropical regions where Bolivia is located are not easy to form. It seems that the mirror of the sky of the Uyuni salt marshes is a miracle~ / Hh/1Preparation props The mirror of the sky is very broad and clean, it is very suitable for taking some dislocation photos near big and small, you can shoot the feeling of 3D illusion museum ~ for example dinosaur model, if it is not satisfied So, bring your favorite hand to do it! Iron Man of the Marvel World, Spiderman, Hulk, bring them, here you are also a member of the Avengers League! In addition, you can take macro photos with daily necessities. 2 Team shape In addition to props, and three or five friends to prepare some special group style! The mirror of the sky, for your friendship, for your fun, to provide unlimited space to play! 3Sunrise & Sunset According to the law of refraction and reflection of light, the larger the incident angle, the higher the reflectivity. This application in the Uyuni salt marshes will have a clear mirror effect when sunrise and sunset or low-profile shooting. 4 starry sky & light painting sky mirror night is also very beautiful, look up the stars, coveted is also, can not tell which is true, but the universe is not the case. Near the night sky, when the light is dimmed, shooting light painting is also a very good idea~ You can turn unforgettable memories into letters or symbols, it is not difficult to shoot light painting, card camera or mobile phone can get it!
What is the experience of being married to the sky to marry? The mirror of the sky in Bolivia was proposed, and Meng Xi said that he had conspired for two months, and his friends around him knew his proposal, but I didnt notice it. I used to say that I want to go to South America to propose a marriage, go to Africa to choose diamonds to make a diamond ring He also ran to Baidu in order to get my girlfriends contact information: How to get to girlfriend girlfriends WeChat New Year I Watching the movie with the girlfriends, he asked me to call him after the end. I have a professional question to ask my girlfriend to get the girlfriends WeChat and let her keep secret. I cant comment on his circle of friends, and let my girlfriends try my fingertips. , favorite ring styles, brands. On the other hand, he asked friends who traveled in Europe to help look at the ring style. The day before departure, the Hunan girl first came to our house and then flew from Hong Kong to South America. He went to pick up the girl and wore a suit in front of me. I said: Take this set to go to South America to take pictures. (I later learned that he was a routine, I asked him to bring a suit to go) When he went to pick up the Hunan girl, ask: How about wearing this proposal? Yunnans friend arrived in Hong Kong one day earlier and his mission was to buy a ring. Going out one day, Meng Xi: Is platinum really more expensive than gold? Me: It should be. Meng Xi: Why? So which one do you think looks good? Me: I don't like it very much, I still like rose gold. Yunnan friends gave the ring to Meng Xi, he has been in the phone case. One night they were shooting stars, I used Meng Xi mobile phone to play games, I felt that the phone case was bulging, and the other three were nervous, I was afraid I would open it.
Mimo Chiu
Salar de Uyuni
Bolivia, Uyuni, this is the real mirror of the sky in recent years, as if there are many mirrors of the sky, many of them are mirrors on the ground, or small The mirror of the sky reflected in the scale of the salt lake, I always feel that something is missing. This time, I finally crossed the earth to the mirror of the Uyuni sky in Bolivia on the other side of the globe. We entered the country from Chile. In Chile, Puno used the half-day time to run the most difficult Bolivian visa, then to the Bolivian capital La Paz and then to Uyuni. The town of Uyuni is itself a town that has risen because of the development of Salt Lake tourism. The town is not big. There are many English-speaking travel agencies at the intersection of Av ferroviaria and Sucre street. You can compare the prices of several hotels to choose the right travel agency. We were in a car for three days and followed us to two nights of starry sky and sunrise, three days of sunset. I personally think that sunrise and sunset is the most beautiful time of the mirror of the sky. Location: Uyuni , Bolivia Traffic: You can fly from the capital La Paz or 10 hours bus tips: 1. Due to the salt lake The water is corrosive, so all the things that have entered the salt water must be washed in time with fresh water. 2. Wearing a skirt in the mirror of the sky is the best choice. 3. Remember not to recommend self-driving, the road surface of Salt Lake is very uneven, and people without experience are easy to trap.
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