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About Pingtung

Pingtung County is the southernmost county in Taiwan. It cuts a long, narrow shape on the map, is near to both mountains and the sea, and is full of the special flavor of southern Taiwan. Pingtung County is home to Taiwan’s first park - Kenting Park. Pingtung’s seaside is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the ocean. The famous Hengchun Old Town is also found here. Combining coastal beauty with cultural flare, Pingtung is a paradise for diving enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Popular Attractions in Pingtung

Love River
574 Reviews
Running through Kaohsiung, the Love River's banks are popular green promenades.
Liuhe Night Market
1,243 Reviews
Featured Neighbourhood
The Liuhe Night Market is found on Luhe Second Road, near the Kaohsiung MRT Meili Dao Station. Turn left along Zhongshan Alley then turn left at Liuhe Second Road,there it is. It is a straight road during the day and it becomes a lively night market after nightfall. An assortment of local delicacies are available and affordable. Vistors from both home and abroad head to here for its reputation. It has been listed as a tourist night market.
Xiziwan Scenic Area
806 Reviews
Xizi Bay Scenic Area is situated on the west side of Kaohsiung City, about a 20 minute drive from the city center and next to Kaohsiung Harbor. The South is facing the Cijin Peninsula across the sea, and the North relies on Longevity Hill. It is famous for its gold sandy bathing beaches, sunset seascapes and natural reefs. Xizi sunset is one of the eight scenic attractions in Kaohsiung. And with the background of ships from all over the world entering Kaohsiung Port, it is like a beautiful picture.
The Dome of Light
1,145 Reviews
Modern Architecture
The dome of the beautiful island is located in the dome of the next floor of the Miyajima MRT, and is hand-painted by the internationally renowned artist Maestro Narcissus Quagliata. The work emphasizes the spirit of "love and tolerance", and shows the cycle of human life from birth, growth, glory, to destruction, and then re-emerges with a picture to the public.

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Trip Moments

Sarah Shan   
Contracting the whole mountain and the sea, this home in Kenting is also awesome! This homestay was recommended to me by local friends in Taiwan and is very popular in the area. It is a relatively high class hotel. Bed & Name: Kenting Haijing Holiday B&B Reservation Method: All major travel websites can be set up, search for King Ding Haijing. The advantage of sea is the geographical location, which is located at the highest point of the western peninsula of Hengchun Town. Therefore, behind the mountains, the front is the entire Taiwan Strait, the mountain is known as the "Little Greece" harbor village, the vision is invincible! When the weather is good, you can still see the sunset at sea. It is said to be spectacular. (Kenting this place, more than 300 days a year is a sunny day, but let me catch up with the rain for two days. To tell the truth, if this home is too beautiful, I may really want to be depressed.) The sea actually has only two buildings and a dozen rooms. But the area is oversized, there are their own pastures, there are many cute dachshund dogs. There is really a feeling of living in a New Zealand ranch. Breakfast offers complimentary breakfast and afternoon tea. It's simpler but tastes good. What's important is that their restaurant is a glass room with floor-to-ceiling windows. In this environment, it is really fun to eat anything~~ Finally, there is one more thing to say: it is not very convenient to go to Haijing. Because it is in the mountains, so there is no public transportation to reach, it is recommended to drive.
Posted: 15 May 2019