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Lynn Canyon Park
Canada also unexpectedly has a fairytale-like park A green oxygen bar Lynn Canyon Park is surrounded by trees and the air is fresh. The green trees tower into the clouds, lush and luxuriant, and the entire park seems like a sea of green. During the course of my walk, there was not a moment when the green disappeared. The preferred place for outdoor activities It was July when I went, and on the way I saw a huge wave of people passing through it. It was thoroughly imposing, a dark and dense mass of people. A local person told me that this is a summer vacation activity, and that people who love the outdoors set out on their hike from the center of the canyon starting at 2 PM. Other than hiking, I also saw some people enjoying camping picnics. Suspension bridge The Lynn Canyon Park suspension bridge is the most famous sight inside the park. A curving suspension bridge hangs in the air and spans a coniferous forest. This bridge may not be friendly to those with a fear of heights. I was a bit afraid after getting on the bridge. Below it is a gurgling stream. There were some children who liked to jump up and down on the bridge, whereupon the bridge would sway uncontrollably. I held onto the guardrail tightly, and slowly made my way to the other side. The venture has some thrill of danger, but it is very safe. Creeks There are many creeks in the forest, but there are some special things about a creek here - their water comes from melting glaciers. You can step on the stones between the small creeks and carry on moving forward. I stopped and washed a hand in the water, and coldly eased the inflammation [sic]. I saw behind me some people who were directly washing fruits in the creek before eating them. I thought that this way of doing things were so natural and good, until I saw a blonde girl wearing a swimsuit playing with the water in the creek... Travel information: You can take the 228 bus to the Valley Center, a 10 minute walk to the front You can take the 229 bus to the main entrance of the park
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