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New York

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About New York

New York is a great metropolis on the east coast of the United States. The most famous landmark and representative symbol of the city is arguably the Statue of Liberty. The city is also home to the Empire State Building, often seen in film and television. Wall Street is perhaps the world's largest economic center. Times Square never sleeps, with its vibrant lights flashing day and night. Fifth Avenue is the place to go if you want to window shop next season's newest and hottest fashions. Central Park, nestled among the forest of skyscrapers, is the city's iconic flower garden. People from all over the world have come to this city to live. The diversity of culture is reflected in all aspects of art, music and food.

Popular Attractions in New York

Central Park
1,336 Reviews
City Park
Central Park is located in the middle of Manhattan's urban forest of skyscrapers. Like an oasis in the desert, this is an refuge of green calm in the middle of the bustling metropolis. The park is dotted with many lakes and stands of trees both large and small. There are walking paths, running trails, bicycle paths, a zoo, sports fields and children's rides. You can stretch out on the lawn and enjoy the warm sunlight, stroll along while eating a hot dog, or go to the John Lennon Memorial - Strawberry Fields. This is a great way to enjoy a quiet and relaxing moment in the busy city.
Statue of Liberty
2,157 Reviews
Set on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty is arguably the symbol of New York City. Originally a gift from France to commemorate the centenary of US independence, it stood as a beacon welcoming generations of immigrants into the United States when nearby Ellis Island was the nation's primary port of entry. Reproduced countless times around the world in struggles for liberty and justice, the Statue of Liberty is a potent reminder of the power of ideas and the foundational myths in US history. Visitors can tour Liberty Island and ascend into the statue provided it is not closed for security or repair. Many people enjoy the free trip on the Staten Island Ferry, which passes near Liberty Island and allows one to imagine what it must have been like sailing into New York Harbor for the first time.
Times Square
1,801 Reviews
Times Square is a New York landmark. The triangular zone is flanked by high rise buildings and clustered with shops, with a plethora of department stores, restaurants, and Broadway theaters in the vicinity. Ablaze with lights both day and night, Time Square is overwhelmed by iridescent neon billboards and LED screens, each broadcasting adverts and promotion films from around the world. Throngs of people speaking different languages pack the streets and engrossing street shows can be seen everywhere. The Square is particularly boisterous during festivals, parades, and firework shows.
Empire State Building
1,888 Reviews
Modern Architecture
Towering over Manhattan's skyscrapers, the Empire State Building is a landmark in New York and has been featured in many films and TV shows. The observation deck on the top floor, accessible by high-speed elevators, offers a panoramic view of New York's cityscape, taking in views of both the Hudson River and the East River. The view is even more magnificent at sunset and particularly charming inundated in lights at nightfall. The Empire State Building offers multimedia devices as guidance, introducing New York's major tourist attractions in each direction. Telescopes mounted on the observation deck provide an even better view.

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Trip Moments

Joe Cai   
New York God-level shack burger restaurant burger this fact, in Shanghai finally opened a, just a super person and more! Although this shake shack in New York who is also not less. After this restaurant in 2004 in Madison Square Garden to establish a shop in the New Yorker in reputation in every day countless tourists come here to pilgrimage, the short time in New York has opened five stores! During peak generally said to wait in line for more than one hour, but why might be my good luck. I lined up 20 minutes people looked at the face of vertigo menus do not know to eat anything, but here, of course, is widely respected Hamburg Oh, and a delicious juicy civilization. So come to New York this restaurant is one of the most worthy of tasting meals. We ordered a beef burger set, taste notes of the United States KFC McDonald's or something. Else make your burger restaurant, the taste great, bread stuffing is soft, slightly changing the shape of french fries that taste no difference.
Posted: 5 Jul 2019
Mimo Chiu   
The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the United States’ biggest art museum, and a famous museum in the world. Located on 82nd Street on the Fifth Avenue in New York, United States, it is across from the American Museum of Natural History and the Hayden Planetarium in New York. The Museum of Natural History primarily looks back at the history of evolution, as well as our desire to explore the unknown. The Metropolitan Museum on the other hand looks back at the history of inventions and culture of humankind. The museum takes up some 130,000 square meters and is one of the world’s 4 biggest museums, along with The British Museum in London, UK, the Louvre in Paris, France and the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia. There are many famous paintings renowned around the world which are hosted here. There are even complete pieces of Egyptian relics. Up until today, the museum has 3 million pieces in its collections. It is now the world’s top large-scale museums. Museums are totally worth spending a day to look over. Make sure you give enough time for yourself. I was walking to the point where I had blisters on my feet.
Posted: 29 Nov 2018
From sunset tonight, New York's black gold into gold color, leaving only light in this world.
Posted: 13 Dec 2018
The New York struck out two to wishlist! The London NYC, but though attributed to Conrad's style, is different. The Bernic Hotel is lifeless than TAPESTRYCollestionByHilton. Fashion is minimal but very comfortable. # Trip of two hundred # happy moment in this New York luxury hotel's atrium to pay tribute to Sol LeWitt's masterpieces. In Atrio taste of Mediterranean cuisine. In Accents New York, Bloom, Vintry Wines, Battery Place Market or Artsee Eyewear buy souvenirs and luxury New York. Or away from the noise, hiding in the seasonal rooftop bar, have a drink summer cocktails, overlooking the majestic scenery of the Hudson River. You can take advantage of the hotel is strategically located close to Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange, and the new World Trade Center to arrange business meetings. We held a major conference in 30,000 square feet venue or social events. The advantage of the hotel brings internal meetings Activities of Union Square activities exclusive catering partner --Danny Meyer creative cuisine.
Posted: 19 Dec 2018
Big Apple is the nickname of New York City, New York is full of meaning opportunity and money, is that everyone gets a piece of the Big Apple. As an international metropolis, New York is traveling to the United States will come to the ground. New York also has many well-known American universities, such as Columbia University, New York University, and therefore is also a popular place to study. It is located on the northeast coast of New York, NY, USA, and Europe across the Atlantic Ocean. After European settlers entered the United States, it took New York as the center of trade between the United States and Europe, which also laid the foundation for the country and the world after New York became the financial center. As we all know, Washington is the capital of the United States. However, between 1785 to 1790, New York was once the capital of the United States. Now, New York is the most populous US city, is the US financial, trade, and cultural center, but also a world commercial center.
Posted: 22 Dec 2018
Trip reservation in New York with the third house to praise burst! Fruit drinks are the elevator door apartment, Hanging Gardens, floor to ceiling windows, vintage home, artistic furnished and prepared as well as landlord Craig intimate, almost beyond imagination. House close to the metro B / C / 2/3 line, sitting four points to Times Square, walk to Central Park, did not have to entirely picky.
Posted: 23 Dec 2018