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4 things to do found in Naypyitaw
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Zipline ChiangmaiNearby City

Zipline Chiangmai

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"Aerial Tour"
"Thailand is a typical country in a good climate. There are many classic attractions here, so there are many groups of tourist attractions in Thailand. How do I choose to play? After reading this article, you will understand. Phuket Fall in Love with Diving Center Is this place really falling in love with the diving equipment and facilities here. All the divers here are professional and they are all very safe. There is no need to worry about many accidents before. I wish you a high safety factor, and there are dedicated photographers who can take pictures for you. Although you have to pay some money, there is nothing bad about it. The surroundings are also popular attractions, such as Good food can be eaten in convenient cafes or restaurants. Opening hours: 12:00-21:00 Ticket price: Free Recommended time: 1-3 hours The Cripso show is a very famous show in Thailand. There are many people who will imitate Marilyn Monroe. Famous celebrities, and the whole show has a very lively atmosphere. You can see many beautiful ladyboys, all very sexy. The quality is very high, and you have to make reservations at the time, because it is really difficult to buy a ticket to see many people, and there are no vacancies in the seats on the spot, and sometimes you have to buy a scalper ticket. This show is a show imitating Broadway, so it is also very realistic. Opening hours: 19:30, 21:00 Ticket price: 1200 baht Recommended time: 1-3 hours Jungle Leap This is a very famous play activity, the equipment is very high-level and safe, you can explore the mystery of the rain forest here , And I like the jungle sharing of this place very much. It feels very good to walk through the big tree, and I also realize that the original implementation of red that often crosses the tree is very free. There is also the playing of speed cars, which can also make the speed cars travel through the jungle with tracks. It is also divided into many kinds of packages. The tour is very affordable. Tickets can also be booked online in advance. Opening hours: 6:30-13:00 Ticket price: 2,200 baht. Recommended time: 3 hours or more jungle gliding. From your point of view, you are the most thrilling person I have ever played. First of all, on a wire on the track , I still need to pass through that place, and traverse many jungles, water sources, and some very high places. It is not suitable at all. For fear of heights, people with heart disease and children who are too young are not very suitable. I. For people who like to challenge themselves, it is a very meaningful activity. The staff are very serious and responsible, and they will be by your side. They will not make you feel scared. Safe activities are worth going try it out. Opening hours: 9:00-21:00 Ticket price: Free Recommended time: 1-3 hours Some classic guides I came to Thailand to play, and these other parties are very worthy of people to play, many interesting things need to be Explore and discover slowly by yourself. Some of the thrills and excitement here will become indelible experiences in your mind!" is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.