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Nanning: Yayi Litchi fire chicken
location far to the city, of course, you can also say that there is no, after all, the speed of urban expansion is too fast
environment is a big stall, of course, if things are delicious, the environment is not a problem
The humid weather in the south, the warming of the wood burning practice
original taste is inevitable some faint
also do not want a mixed salt and pepper pepper seasoning powder
too greasy
parking charges, strictly forbidden Drinks, no problem, business opportunities everywhere
two people a chicken enough, old friends powder, spinach, not as cool as herbal tea
big chicken is not so easy
not snails not smashed tea Days, you can change the taste
Posted: 17 Jul 2019
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Looking from a distance, the shape of the Guangxi Culture and Art Center resembles a rolling hill, and the three "mountain bodies" merge with the large cantilevered cloud shed, like a mountain peak passing through the clouds, and the unique natural scenery of Guangxi as the carrier of the building. Flexible display. First-class performances are inseparable from first-class theater hardware. The Guangxi Culture and Art Center not only has a high "face value" but also "inner". With a total construction area of 115,000 square meters, the Guangxi Culture and Art Center consists of 1,800 grand theaters, 1,200 concert halls and 600 multi-purpose halls. It is a collection of large-scale operas, dance dramas, musicals, symphonies and other elegant art performances and exchanges. In one of the trainings, it is the largest performing arts venue in Guangxi. The Guangxi Culture and Art Center has carefully created first-class performance hardware, so that everyone who enjoys the performance at the Guangxi Culture and Art Center is enchanted by the excellent audio-visual effects and enjoys the fun. Take the concert hall as an example. In order to achieve excellent audio-visual effects, the concert hall uses GRC diffuser material to ensure natural sound performance, and the seat positioning also makes the sound effects received by different audiences basically indistinguishable. That is to say, the host stands in the middle of the stage, and even if he does not need to use the microphone, every sentence he says can be clearly heard by the audience sitting in every corner of the concert hall. In the concert hall, there is also a "treasure of the town hall" - the organ. Its volume is huge, the momentum is majestic, the tone is beautiful, solemn, and has a variety of contrasts, can imitate the effect of orchestral instruments, can play rich harmony, currently only one in Guangxi, is a veritable concert hall town hall treasure.