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Nanning: Da Yin barbecue located in a certain intersection of the city's international business district, not hidden, very good looking drive over, parking is a problem two-story structure, open space, two rooms on the second floor It is recommended to choose the seat on the first floor, the second floor is really warm, while roasting yourself on the barbecue, air conditioning or something, you can not feel the Japanese style decoration style, some fake green bird cage sit In the window position, the light is still dim dinner at night, until I left, I did not see the person sitting at next door busy with various angles to take pictures, posing on the entire floor freely seated No one intervenes, it is transparent There is no introduction about various meat quality differences and baking methods If you are too afraid to trouble others, the waiter will not propose to barbecue for you, just watched silently You , although holding the meal coupon, but the waiter still did not offer desserts according to the agreement, but repeatedly stressed that no comments, no sweets basic trust between people and people? A small cup of almond tofu 28 yuan, is also worth seeing as a treasure? packaged meat dishes are nothing more than a few slices of lettuce, two cucumbers, two carrots, a small tomato, a dish of two flavored barbecue sauce, 19 yuan pricing, but also very confident also ordered a sales look A good vegetable salad, the amount of the dish is less, even if the salad dressing is forgotten? Let's talk about the protagonist barbecue price will not say, want to eat full, remember more than a few dishes fleshy is also not flattering thick cut beef tongue, special brain ... eat Every kind of meat basically needs to be bitten and hh/the picture is too beautiful, can't bear to remember can be the first place in the international business district Japan and South Korea cuisine rankings ah I can't see it Is there only one Japanese and Korean restaurant in the area? , what are you hiding? Good wine, good quality?