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Nanning: A handful of salt When we don't know how to accurately describe Japanese food, can we use the name Japanese cuisine consistently? So the overnight shopping malls all over the city are also catering to the market demand said bad, last night it is still a other restaurant sushi, sashimi, grilled, fried, boiled, fried Things, noodles, rice, soup, drinks... are the categories we know very well and even in Japan, all kinds of food and beverage outlets are covered at one time. Is it only open to foreign tourists? I have been to Japan many times, I have never really seen Where do you put the spirit of the Japanese who are proud of the Japanese? Come here, the first place of the dish is best to taste bowl body warm, say good flame? Rice is soft and delusional? Half-salted salmon, Arctic shellfish and squid, indistinct taste covered with large pieces of cheese sauce, covering the taste of seafood I heard that crab stick tempura is hidden menu that Just come to a the original kind of fried, only to give the "regular" evaluation not to mention, crab sticks have no amazing special taste so, hidden means, "into Cold palace?" Let's talk about the grilled meat ordered three skewers of chicken, different practices in three parts If salmon, sea urchin, and even cattle and the like, the meat is not fresh enough, I can understand that the original imported mountain high road far Then the chicken has the same problem, do you want to tell me that the chicken is also crossing the ocean to China a grip into the soul to express what, I understand but after three dishes, I have already I dare not try sushi and sashimi a handful of salt in the end what I want, I do not understand it is so-called secret soy sauce is more salty is not, put a handful of salt in the production process? Environment has no good evaluation two-story bar plus two decks, one layer of cashier plus waiting area atmosphere, what does not exist, the makeup girl who has a heavy makeup is actually two photographing is important, eat What, what is the taste of yourself waiter will keep reminding you, WeChat scan code point payment so the turndown rate is really high? Is the next step only for regular customers? The capital city center of Wenchuang Street, the new network red card, business is always very good you do not have to pay for the IQ really want to eat Japanese have to go to Japan