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About Myanmar

Myanmar has recently emerged from years of international isolation. This fantastic Southeast Asian nation is a magnet for travelers fascinated with Burmese culture. Towering golden stupas and Buddhist temples are found throughout the land. The world famous Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangoon is a must-see attraction. Scattered throughout the country’s midsection are ruins from the former Pyu city-states, several of which are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In Mandalay, you can visit the famous U Bein Bridge, known to locals as the “lover’s bridge.” With a growing tourism sector and a rich cultural history, Myanmar is a gem of a destination. Tourists who venture here will find it hard not to fall in love.

Popular Cities

Popular Attractions in Myanmar

U Bein Bridge
463 Reviews
U Bein Bridge is located near the ancient city of Amalapa, across the East Taman Lake. Built of precious teakwood, it has survived since 1850, likely making it the oldest surviving example of teakwood bridge construction. Sunsets over U Bein Bridge are very romantic and one of Myanmar's most famous landscapes. There are six pavilions along the bridge, which symbolize the "six spirits" of Buddhism. It is said that when Burmese people fall in love, they come to the bridge from a thousand miles away, praying for their love to last longer. To the locals then, U Bein Bridge is also called "the lover's bridge."
Mandalay Palace
257 Reviews
The Mandalay Palace was originally the palace of the tributary dynasty in Myanmar and was completed in 1859. The entire palace is square in shape and is made of wood. There are 104 temples in the palace. The buildings are mainly red and gold. The museum in the Mandalay Palace shows the story of the Burmese dynasty, displaying many items, furniture and clothing used by the king. Inside the Mandalay Palace there is a watchtower overlooking the Royal Palace and Mandalay Street.
Ananda Temple
230 Reviews
Ancient Pagoda
Historical Architecture
Mandalay Hill
265 Reviews
Located in the north of Mandalay City, Mandalay Hill was formerly known as the Raksha Nuwa Mountain and is a famous Buddhist shrine in Myanmar. Standing on the top of the hill overlooking the city of Mandalay, it is a great place to watch the sunrise and sunset. The main entrance to Mandalay Hill is on the south side. There are several temples and pagodas at the foot of the mountain that are worth visiting. It attracts many tourists and believers. For example, the Gudu Tao Pagoda, the Shanda Moonee Pagoda, famous for its Buddhist scriptures, and the beautifully carved golden palace teak temples.

Trip Moments

Adam Yue   
Jump on a train passing through the forest and head towards the important town of North Myanmar. This is a challenging journey filled with unknown variables along the way. Stretching through the depths of the jungle, through the lush green rice fields, on the beautiful Igvardy River; the journey is far more beautiful than the destination; the train travels through a long journey before it reaches Bamo; In the early hours of the ringing of the bells, I fell in love with this small town. Ba Mo, an important trading town in the north of Myanmar. The second largest city in Kachin State, due to its geographical proximity to China, has gradually evolved into an important trade transit station in northern Myanmar. However, there are no high-rise streets, modern urban buildings, and more like a big town with over-development. The beautiful Igvardy River passes quietly by the city. The people here are waiting for this noisy village city and live a life of indifference. Beautiful Ilo Wadi River, Myanmar The great mother river, quietly flowing through the land of Myanmar, has raised thousands of Burmese children. Its beauty is as charming as a layer of gauze. On the banks of the Irrawaddy River, watching the rivers flow quietly, the people on both sides of the strait live and work in peace, like a beautiful picture. The beauty of the Irwadi River is not in the clear river water, but also in the beautiful morning glow. The most beautiful scenery here is the passionate people on the river. The industrious work of the villagers of Ba Mo, always with unlimited enthusiasm, welcomes guests from all corners of the country.
Posted: 10 Dec 2018