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Things To Do in Minqing

82 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
charlesIt is more than 400 meters above sea level, surrounded by mountains, lush forests, fresh air and beautiful scenery. The water quality is quite clean, the air in the mountains is also very good, people do not want to leave the feeling, the atmosphere is great.
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Historical Architecture
真诚7577Honglincuo, commonly known as Xinhuli, is an ancient residence located in Xinhu Village, Bandong Town, Minqing County, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. It is currently the largest single-building ancient residence in China. There are also free museums that can be visited and understood, which has been passed down for 11 generations
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Hot Springs Resort
真诚7577The hot spring was built on Huangchu Forest and developed by taking advantage of the natural mountain topography and abundant hot spring resources. You can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery while leaning on the mountains and water, and you can enjoy hot springs in winter, not as boring as indoors.
23 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
_CF***53There are not many people, the pool is clean, but the place is far away, the facilities are relatively outdated, and there is no place to eat. Bathrobes need to be rented separately. They are only suitable for people with cars and no people. They need to bring their own food.
Nearby City
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Cultural Experiencial Area
小俞小姐My family is in the scenic area, holiday to Youxi. The scenic area of Xia Tianxia is a world-first real-world version of the martial arts world and the scenic area of Xia culture. It has the first glass overpass in East China, the first Xia culture theme hotel in the whole country, and the natural landscape version of the Julong Skating Road. With a lively and interesting interactive display of chivalrous culture.
Nearby City
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Famous Residences
Featured Neighbourhood
Lawrencegreat place to feel the old foochow, many sides alleys branching out from the main lanes, so that one can ventures more to see many hidden galleries, traditional shops, cafes and bakeries... the de facto place to be in fuzhou

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