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The true charm of a city is not its brilliance. It is the simple feeling that can still be preserved under the changing times. Three lights, also known as the Jialu Miye circular ground. Due to historical reasons, there are many Southeast Asian cuisines that have become a famous Southeast Asian food district in Macau. More than 20 Southeast Asian food restaurants such as Yaxin Myanmar Restaurant are concentrated here. Indonesian pastries, Burmese coconut noodles, fish soup powder, fried fish, and Bak Kut Teh are delicious, unique and affordable, and are popular with local residents and tourists. In addition, there will be regular Southeast Asian food carnivals, which are quite exotic. Wine incense is not afraid of the deep alley, as long as you come to the three lights, a burst of fragrant ginger vinegar will set off each of your taste buds, and you can see an old man who has been in business for more than 20 years. Shop - Feng Ji pig foot ginger. The whole cooking process does not add any water. It is slowly stewed with black vinegar, white vinegar and sweet vinegar. It is made from tart, sour and sweet. In addition, there are also pork belly, pig intestines, pig ears made from secret ginger vinegar, as well as some pastries such as guinea fowl, layer cake, Indonesian cake, coconut pudding and so on. On the wall next to it is a picture of Nicholas Tse coming here to taste, "Twelve Roads" has also coveted the food here, have to say the legend of this store. Address: Sancha Dengjiekou Recommended: Feng Ji pig foot ginger taste: sweet and sour mouth, ginger can eat directly food: ginger, pig's feet, eggs, tripe, etc.
Lemon Zhao