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Things To Do in Luoyuan

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YYand蛋蛋Qingming Holiday, I took the baby to see, I bought the spring special package 168 is very cost-effective, the underwater world. The dolphin show and the beluga show are very good, starting at 10 in the morning, and it is almost 1:30 in the afternoon, the children are very like it, there is a timetable, one show after another, It's compact, it's cost-effective, it's fun, it's fun,
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137***59The scenery is good, it is inconvenient to go by taxi. It goes down at five o'clock. There is no car back to the county. Fortunately, the staff is enthusiastic. They called the car from the town. Thank you.
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Amusement Park
Shaanits the place to make you happy, fun, enjoyment and advanture , natural .
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Hot Springs Resort
老挝彭于晏The hotel's hotel path came in. Shortly after the opening, the green on both sides was covered with small lanterns. A group of people were happy and peaceful. The first thing I saw was the conference center. I thought I was going the wrong way at the beginning, but the elder brother pointed to the parking lot. It turns out that you can drive directly down the underground parking lot and walk up, without going around the main entrance.
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Famous Residences
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Lawrencegreat place to feel the old foochow, many sides alleys branching out from the main lanes, so that one can ventures more to see many hidden galleries, traditional shops, cafes and bakeries... the de facto place to be in fuzhou
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Hot Springs Resort
琪子面The transportation is convenient. It only takes 40 to 50 minutes to drive past the city. Just visited during National Day, the hot spring area is very big, there are many pools, and the water quality is good. The place to change clothes is complete, very clean, and the service is super good, but the peanut soup delivered should be improved. After soaking in the hot spring, I want to relax and stay in the hotel. Next time, I must stay in the hotel if I have time!

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Luoyuan Bay Ocean WorldFuzhou,China

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Sheshanshui Scenic AreaFuzhou,China

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About Luoyuan

Luoyuan is situated on the northeast coast of Fujian province, close to the provincial capital Fuzhou. It is famous throughout the region for its seafood. Luoyuan is also home to large numbers of the She ethnic minority and has numerous historical attractions including the Song dynasty ancestral shrine Chentai Yugong (陈太尉宫), a temple built to worship the goddess Chen Jinggu, Sheshan Scenic Area and the She village of Fuhu.

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