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Buckingham Palace

4.6/51,507 Reviews

Business Hours

Different every year. June 21, 2018 - August 31, 9:30-19:00 (entry deadline is 17:15), September 1, 2018- September 30, 2018, 9:30-18: 00 (entry deadline is 16:15). The opening hours may be temporarily fine-tuned. See the official website for details.


Westminster, London SW1A 1AA
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About Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace has been the official residence of the British royal family since the 19th century. Currently, it is the London location in which the Queen spends most of her time. The palace is splendid both inside and outside. Some of the more than 600 rooms in the palace include the Throne Room, White Drawing Room, Ballroom and Picture Gallery. At the gates of Buckingham Palace, the Changing the Guard (or Guard Mounting) ceremony by the Queen's Guard takes place at 11 a.m. most days of the week. It attracts and interests tourists from around the world. Marching with great pomp and precision to military music and shouted orders, the guards—dressed in traditional red coats and bearskin hats—do a drill performance and salute.

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  • E23****0253

    This is a must go place is London. There is a big park infront where you can sit and relax. Though you can enter the palace you can see the guard parad and also can take some nice pictures with the door.

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    Reviewed on 1570368098000
  • 徐团

    Buckingham Palace was built from 1703 to 1705. It is now the office and residence of the Queen of England in London. The administrative headquarters of the royal family is also one of the few royal palaces still in use in the world. By the time we arrived, the shift ceremony had begun. Buckingham Palace is usually not so grand, but we went just before the Royal Army Parade for the Queen's 90th birthday (we went on the 8th and the Queen's birthday parade was on the 11th), which is equivalent to the ceremony of rehearsal or rehearsal. Although the Queen's birthday was on April 21, the Queen changed her birthday to a wayward Saturday in June every year "for weather reasons" and this year, the official day of celebration is June 11.

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    Reviewed on 1480390963000
  • E46****315

    You can’t go to London without a trip to the iconic Buckingham Palace. Changing of the guards happens at 11am (unfortuantely, I missed this), but will visit again next time.

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    Reviewed on 1563174733000
  • 山水人生

    Walking a long way from Buckingham Palace, you will see a sea of people in front of you, and you will be shocked by the crowded landscape in front of you. It's also a performance of changing guards in several European countries, but there are absolutely no so many tourists in sight. It seems that the British Empire still has enough influence. There are several layers of people outside the fence of Buckingham Palace, and there are several layers of tourists under the statue of Queen Victoria outside Buckingham Palace. We can only stand across the street and look at it. With the music of the military band, the military band in formal dress and the guards of changing Posts paraded along the road between the statue and Buckingham Palace. The ranks are not neat, the pace is not strong, the military prestige is not mighty, if not uniformed uniforms, it seems a little loose. As the procession entered Buckingham Palace, our watch was over. There was a job change ceremony in the court. We could only hear the military music. Later, another cavalry troop came out of Buckingham Palace, and there were cavalry troop in the guard changing performance, which was an eye-opener for us.

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    Reviewed on 1479883700000
  • rei1140

    In Britain, it seems that as long as the words associated with "Royal" can attract people's attention. Whether we listen to fairy tales when we were young or take history lessons in school, "British Royal family" always makes people feel a sense of mystery, sometimes even "sacred feeling" and always arouses people's endless curiosity to study it, approach it and visit it. In London, although the chances of meeting "Queen", "Prince" and "Princess" on the street are not very high, people can come to take pictures whenever they meet the Royal Guard in the street, even if they only wear a big bear skin cap. In Britain, as one of the most important elements of British "Royal Culture", the Royal Guard's change-of-duty ceremony can't get through without punching cards. Although the change-of-duty ceremony may not be as grand as everyone imagines, it is much smaller than the flag-raising ceremony in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, but it is just to see. In order to find a good place to be present before 10:30, the best place is to stand on the left hand side of the iron fence near the west gate of Buckingham Palace. Not only can you see the whole horse team and guards coming and going out from afar, but also the whole job-changing ceremony inside Buckingham Palace. Go earlier, stand in a good position. A team of soldiers wearing bearskin caps, red velvet uniforms and black. Under the guidance of the drums and flutes band and the high horses of the Royal Cavalry Guard, the soldiers in coloured trousers stepped into the square with magnificent solemnity and momentum. This well-known Royal Guard, a "Guard Force" dedicated to the security of the British Royal family, especially the monarch, can be said that few troops like this army have maintained centuries of unchanged tradition, unchanged dress, unchanged etiquette, unchanged style, which is also a continuation of tradition. There's a message on the Internet - "The Ministry of Defense bought about 50 bearskin hats every year until 2010. The average amount spent on hats is 60,000 a year, half of which is for new ones and the rest for old ones. However, due to protests from animal protection organizations, Britain has decided to replace wild black bear skin hats with artificial fur starting in 2011.

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    Reviewed on 1514956632000
  • 带着Cici看世界

    The front door of Buckingham Palace is always trembling. Buckingham Palace's job change ceremony, known as the most famous one in the world, attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. The tall horses of the Royal Cavalry Guard, the red gold helmet, and the black caps of the walking guards and bands are magnificent, solemn and powerful, which is also a continuation of tradition. Buckingham Palace holds a job change ceremony at 11:30 a.m. every day from April to July. Other months are held on alternate days (odd days in even months, even days in odd months). But its time is often adjusted. If you want to watch the ceremony and avoid emptying, you must check the official website in advance and go ahead. The best place to watch the job change ceremony is under the Golden Queen Victoria Monument in front of Buckingham Palace, facing this area of Buckingham Palace. And at least one hour in advance to occupy the favorable terrain. The Queen usually travels between July and September (August and September), which is the only time of year when Buckingham Palace is open to the public. It is said that in order not to waste taxpayer's money, the Queen took out her residence to give people a visit to subsidize the Royal expenditure. Tickets need to be booked in advance, because the number of visitors can be received at each time period is limited, on-site ticket purchase is likely to queue up or even empty. And you have to be prepared to move slowly in a long line.

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    Reviewed on 1525150003000
  • 蔡芷涵

    Buckingham Palace is the palace of England. Built in Westminster, west of St. James Park in London, it was named after the Duke of Buckingham in 1703. It was first called Buckingham House, meaning "the home of others". It was purchased by King George III in 1761 as the residence of the Queen and is called the Queen's Palace. In 1825, King George IV rebuilt it as a palace. Since 1837, all the kings of England have lived here. Queen Victoria was the first monarch to live here. Buckingham Palace has more than 600 halls, including banquet halls, ceremonial halls, concert halls, galleries, libraries and royal Philatelic offices. It has many paintings and furniture. There is also an imperial garden with an area of about 40 acres. In front of the palace, the Queen Victoria Monument was bought by the British royal family for 21,000 pounds in 1761. Later, "Crazy King" George III wanted a private residence and left it sad St. James's Palace was a little farther away; then his son, later George IV, the largest and most wanton monarch in British history, converted a rural residence of Duke Buckingham into a real palace, built by his favorite architect, John Nash, at a total cost of 432,000 pounds, 20 times the purchase price of a building. Nash's new palace is basically the one we see behind Buckingham Palace today, the one facing the garden. It was not until 1845, under Queen Victoria's rule, that the royal residence was built as it is today - "the palaces on both sides of its north and South flanks were extended and closed by the palaces on the fourth wing, the East side, into a quadrilateral palace. This eastern facade has a broad balcony, where the traditional appearance of the royal family members is. The last renovation was the smallest cost - "150,000 pounds. In the 150 years since it was purchased, the palace has been built several times. The British monarch finally owned this supreme palace.

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    Reviewed on 1475413305000
  • 小月亮弯弯

    Look at Buckingham Palace changing posts, too many people! ___________ We just wandered around and met the Nepalese Army band. The tourists spontaneously followed the band. After that, many people clapped their hands and thanked them. The band leader knew that we came from Hong Kong to participate in the marathon in London. It was a great pleasure to take pictures with us as a souvenir. I also met runners who had just participated in the Boston Marathon. Congratulations and good Luck for the London Marathon!

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    Reviewed on 1493562063000
  • 清风明月

    Buckingham Palace is the main dormitory and office of the British monarch in London. It is located in Westminster. It is one of the venues for national celebrations and royal welcoming ceremonies. It is also an important tourist attraction. Buckingham Palace is open to the outside world. The famous handover ceremony of the Guards is held every day in daylight saving time and twice a day in winter saving time, which is a great view of British Royal culture. There are 775 halls in the palace, such as ceremonial hall, concert hall, banquet hall, gallery and so on. The Queen's important state events were held there. The main building of Buckingham Palace is five stories, and its subsidiary buildings include the Royal Gallery, the Royal Horse and the Garden. Both the Royal Gallery and the Royal Matsu are open to the public. It's convenient to take the subway or bus.

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    Reviewed on 1472390880000
  • 王怡嘉

    Every year, it is open in August and September, so we need to make an online reservation in advance. But the guard change ceremony was also very good. An hour's guard change ceremony began at 11:15 a.m. The process is that the guards and cavalry go from a distance to Buckingham Palace, and then change their posts for about half an hour (only when they stand close to the palace's perimeter railings can they see what's going on inside). Then the guards and cavalry would come out of the gate and leave one after another. So if you want to see inside and outside clearly, the best observation point is at the iron railings on both sides of the middle gate (but not nearly an hour in advance). Next is the opposite side of the road facing the gate (including the front of the high steps of the middle Victorian statue), where you can see a part of the interior in addition to the queue, which can barely be seized more than half an hour in advance. The rest is the front row of the railings everywhere, where you can clearly see the queue passing.

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    Reviewed on 1436306372000
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