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Johor Bahru

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About Johor Bahru

Just across the water from Singapore, Johor is located in the southern part of Malaysia. Because prices here are very low, Singaporeans flock to Johor every weekend and holiday to enjoy shopping and leisure activities. Johor houses Legoland Malaysia, Angry Birds and Hello Kitty theme parks, which are fun for the whole family. It has become an excellent weekend getaway for tourists to spend their holidays and family trips.

Popular Attractions in Johor Bahru

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Theme Park
Located in Johor Bahru, Legoland Malaysia is the sixth Legoland theme park worldwide. This colorful park is an amazing experience for everyone, adults and children alike. Some attractions have a minimum height requirement, but parents can ride along and share the adventure. There are 15,000 Lego models throughout the park, made up of over 50 million individual Lego bricks. There is also a waterpark adjacent to the theme park.
Singapore Zoo
6,004 Reviews
Singapore Zoo has some of the best in-zoo animal habitats in the world. A fully open model replaces fences with natural barriers in order to create a natural living environment for the animals. In addition to all kinds of normal zoo animals, the Singapore Zoo also has a number of the world's rare and endangered animal species such as orangutans, Malayan tapirs, bekantan monkeys (long-nosed monkeys), and white Bengal tigers.
Universal Studios Singapore
16,033 Reviews
Theme Park
Located on Singapore's Sentosa Island, Universal Studios Singapore is South East Asia's first Hollywood movie theme park. Most of the attractions at the theme park were specially designed for Singapore. If you like excitement, then you'll love the Red & Blue Roller Coaster, The Mummy, and Transformers. If you come here with children, you can have your picture taken with Minions, watch a live performance of Waterworld, or join the Hollywood Dreams Parade.
Night Safari
3,433 Reviews
The Night Safari is a wildlife park specifically for seeing and experiencing nocturnal wildlife. More than 2,000 animals live in the park. In this heavily wooded park, visitors can choose between taking a tour bus or walking among the paths to observe these nocturnal animals in their natural habitat. In addition to looking out for various forms of nocturnal wildlife, the park also has all kinds of wonderful interactive programs sure to rekindle your childlike sense of wonder.

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Day Trip To JB: What to see, do and eat
Johor Bahru
Connected by two bridges with Singapore, Johor Bahru, also known as JB, is the second-largest city in Malaysia. Boasting 16 million annual tourist visits, its many towns are a melting pot of culture that is bound to have you experiencing Malaysia’s unique diversity. A day trip to JB lets you discover plenty of hidden gems!   23 Mar 2020

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Trip Moments

cold air   
Johor Bahru Theme Park, the first and the largest Lego theme park in Asia, will not let you down.  1. It is recommended to enter the park first to take the high-altitude sightseeing car, take a look at the structure of the park, and then choose your favorite area to go to.  2. The projects that must be experienced include VR high-altitude railcars, rapids, roller coasters and other activities in the central exhibition area. The miniature landscapes of the scenic spots are all built by Lego bricks, and many of the attractions are light, water and sound. The large-scale interactive amusement project built by giant LEGO bricks, the roller coaster, and the rapids are even more exciting. Although the height and the danger are not as big as the theme parks, these are all built with Lego-shaped blocks, and they feel completely different. In the end, I would like to recommend this unique Asian amusement game with VR glasses on the railcar. Imagine that the effect of VR glasses is quite amazing. Together with the speed and centrifugal effect of the track block, this feeling of excitement is self-evident.
Posted: 18 Jan 2019
Malaysia Legoland parent-child travel guide | This way do not get lost . I do not know everyone recently watched the hit TV series "Little Joy"? Qiao Yingzis love for Lego is like when I was a child. During this summer vacation, I took my daughter to the Lego theme park in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. I have to say that it is too suitable for children. Organized a Raiders for your reference. . [About booking] Many people only know Legoland. In fact, there are water parks and SEA LIFE Ocean Discovery Center in this park. Since they are here, all three parks have to be played. what! I bought a 2-day package (the theme park + water park + aquarium), which is much cheaper than buying a ticket ticket for each park. The most important thing is that you don't need to change the ticket, you can directly show the mobile phone electronic voucher or print it out. It will be fine to enter the park. It is super convenient, and it is unlimited access within 2 days. . [Theme park] I dont think its big, there are actually seven theme areas and 70 kinds of rides and performances. These are the most worth playing! . 1 Le Gaoda Racing. Wearing VR glasses to play, the first slope is very scary! Introducing the virtual reality VR into the roller coaster is the first time I saw it. A total of 15 corners of the return, challenge it? The minimum play height is 1.1 meters. 2Fire-breathing dragon. The most exciting roller coaster in the entire park is a bit like Shanghai Disney's "Seven Dwarf Roller Coaster". First enter the darkness. There are kings, gold coins and treasures on both sides of the track. It seems to tell the story of the Middle Ages; a slope opens the "Fire Dragon" "The thrill of the journey, a few bend down, the feeling of weight loss is quite strong. 3 Lego phantom Ninja chariot. The concept of the game is particularly good, let the tourists sit on the moving car, wear 3D glasses, and test your creativity, intelligence, balance and speed through the 4D technology synthesis game, "hand throwing darts" to eliminate the villains. 4 Driving School. Loved by children, driving a car, and taking a driver's license, every child is very excited. It is divided into two areas according to 3 years old and 6 years old, and 6 years old or older. In fact, older children still want to learn traffic regulations. 5MINILAND. Concentrated on the famous attractions of 17 Asian countries, more than 30 million pieces of Lego bricks are built. It is easy to find the Great Wall of China. I have a sense of time and space that I have crossed into the Qing Dynasty. What kind of "Imale" will I imagine using the building blocks? . [Water Park] According to physical strength, it is more reasonable to play 3-4 hours. The first step is to drift over the river, lying on the raft sitting on the lifebuoy. Its a pleasant week. There are interesting Lego models, flowers and palm trees. . [SEA LIFE] More than 25 water tanks and 11 theme exhibition areas, it is very characteristic of the Malaysian Rainforest Exhibition Area. This exhibition area is only available in Malaysia. In the lush tropical rain forest, the sound of flowing water flows by, and the cool breeze makes people feel refreshed.
Posted: 22 Sep 2019