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Fatahillah Square
The Fatahila Square in the old town of Jakarta is the center of the Dutch colonial city. The main building in the center of the square is the former Governor's Office. The European architecture that was built more than two hundred years ago is still well preserved. There are a large number of pigeons on the square that are not afraid of people. There are bicycle rentals on the street. The bicycles are a cartoon color with big wheels. When riding up, the stall owner will also attach a big straw hat of the same cartoon color.  The tourists who come and go, the local men who sell the ice water, the special food stalls all make up the charming temperament of the old city. If you feel tired, you can go to a coffee shop. Café Batavia is a good coffee shop that gave me a nostalgic feeling. Going in is like stepping into an old Hollywood movie. They have juice, coffee, snacks and afternoon tea time that is very enjoyable.
Today's lunch will be the chef's current school selling Balinese specialties - dirty duck meal. Asleep, we went to the cooking class, and today we will experience the Balinese cuisine. As long as it is about eating, I am a little excited~ I thought it was a chef school. The result was actually an open-air hotel restaurant. When I entered the restaurant, I was fixed by the wood carving on the pillar. The pillars are carved like this, this is too Tema's art! I really want to move home~~ The teacher has been for us for a long time, oh no, in order to vigorously prepare the console for the show, the pots and pans have been placed properly, and the chef is stationed. All ingredients and kitchen utensils are ready, with ingredients such as chicken, beef, fish, and various sauces. The most important dirty duck is already baked, just need to fry it. The main event is coming, fried dirty duck~ Speaking of dirty ducks, in fact, Chinese people rarely put these dirty words in the name of the food. In fact, dirty ducks need to be fried because of the carbon, so the ducks will change color. It is called a dirty duck. The whole Bali is best known for its dirty duck meal in Ubud, because it is surrounded by large areas of rice fields, with good water quality, many fish and insects, and the ducks are particularly fat~ dirty duck meal is good A variety of side dishes with a set menu, with green vegetables, color matching look makes people appetite. Today's dirty duck meal production is a big success!