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liyanbuctThe Machen Floating Market is a great market. There are so many customers and it is very lively all morning. You can buy very fresh and very good seafood here.
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Nur HaniThe big and beautiful Masjid Raya in Banjarmasin. The location is around Islamic office like Baznas, LPPOM and the others.
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Nur HaniBeautiful park, featuring the landscape of the Kahayan Bridge and the Kahayan River 👌👌🇲🇨+Underneath, there is a coffee shop, all for culinary tourism and leisure💃
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Nur HaniOne of my daughter’s favourite place to play
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Tunjungan PlazaSurabaya,Indonesia

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Mangga Dua SquareJakarta,Indonesia

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Menteng HuisJakarta,Indonesia

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Mall CinereDepok,Indonesia

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Kota KasablankaJakarta,Indonesia

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Solo Paragon MallSolo,Indonesia

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For many, nature exists as a curiosity, as somewhere to visit or occasionally recreate. There are those rare places, however, where one finds harmony in nature. Places time seems to have forgotten. Places where ancient creatures roam, and where the landscape seems conjured from the imagination. Komodo National Park is such a place.
avtarLove.Trip   14 May 2019
As lumbering land mammals, we humans can but imagine the freedom experienced by creatures who call the oceans home. Some 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. The oceans remain the last great frontier of Earthly adventure. With new species to discover and countless unexplored regions, let’s take a journey beneath the waves. As mere visitors to the underwater realms, diving affords us a modicum of understanding this part of our great blue planet. Here we will consider some of the world’s best diving locations. For the vast majority of people, diving is both easiest and most enjoyable in the rich tropical waters circling the globe at the equator. Vast coral reefs shelter mesmerizing life forms, ones whose colors and numbers astound. These are the world’s best diving locations.
avtarLove.Trip   13 May 2019

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Indonesia is the world’s largest island country, comprising more than 15,000 islands. Rich in natural resources, Indonesia is a favored destination for divers who come to explore the rich topical seas. The waters around Indonesia contain the greatest marine biodiversity on the planet. Among travelers, favored destinations include Bali with its luxurious resorts and fantastic beaches, and Lombak with the majestic Mount Rinjani. Jakarta, on the island of Java, is Indonesia’s capital and commercial center. Here you will find great examples of Indonesian cooking and culture. Set astride many tectonic fault lines, Indonesia has a number of active volcanos, which attract tourists hoping to catch an eruption or lava flow. In the Lesser Sunda Islands, Komodo National Park is home to the mysterious Komodo dragon. With so much to choose from, you could spend an entire lifetime exploring this fascinating and beautiful country.

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