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Clarke Quay
Singapore is a country I’ve always liked, not only because the city is very clean, organized and beautiful, not to mention, it is famously known as a “garden city”, but also because hard-working and brave Singaporeans created many global miracles on this little piece of land, making it a logistics and freight center for Asia and the world. Clarke Quay really sees this difference between the past and present. Back then it was just a little port offloading goods, now it has become an entertainment central, bustling with activity.
Surrounded by high rises, Clarke Quay is filled with 2 to 3 story high, South Asian style houses. You really see quite the visual contrast here. In these well decorated 2 and 3 story houses, you will find places offering shopping, wine and dine, and entertainment experiences. Not only are they popular among locals, American, European and Chinese tourists really enjoy these locales too.
Clarke Quay is a place where you can find excellent food all around Singapore. As we all know, Singapore is a very multicultural country where Chinese, Malays, Indians, Indonesians, Americans and Europeans all live. The multicultural community there has directly contributed to the diversity in Singapore’s gourmet landscape. At Clarke Quay, you can find many ethnic gourmet specialties.
It’s a completely different life from night to day. At night, not only are all bars at Clarke Quay completely filled, even roads at the front are filled with tables and people. A lot of them are primarily locals from Singapore, then Americans and Europeans. They would gather in groups to momentarily ignore the stress in their day to day work, have a drink, chit chat and have a good time.
Xinchang Ancient Town
The new town built in the Southern Song Dynasty, has a history of more than 800 years, named after the Xiasha salt field moved south to form a new salt field, hence the name new field , is a salt-producing Jiangnan ancient town due to salt Nowadays, the bustling city has passed away, leaving more than 100 Ming and Qing Dynasties houses of different sizes and more than 20 water bridges. The first time I knew the new town, the film Lust Caution, there is a scene in the new I took a photo of a tea house in the old town of the town. I also went to the new field many years ago to come to the ceremony. Xinchang Ancient Town is quite far from the urban area. Line 16 is sitting at the Xinchang Station. It has to get a car down. It rains when it first goes, and there are almost no tourists. The ancient town is not significant, and it can be finished in less than an hour. After visiting the tea house where you can go to Li An, the first floor tea garden, old-fashioned stairs, carved beams and doors, antique plaques, old wooden chairs, everything seems to return to the Republic of China There are also old telephones, which can still be used It is very suitable for wearing cheongsam, but the photos of friends are not convenient Xinchang Ancient Town Address:... No. 128, Haiquan Street, Xinchang Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai Transportation: Take Metro Line 11 to Luoshan Road Station, transfer to Metro Line 16 and get off at Xinchang Station After exiting the station, take Bus No. 3, No. 628 and get off at Xinchang Town Bus Station. Walk for a few minutes. That is. You can also take a taxi directly after getting off the subway, start the ride.
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