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Trip Moments

[Guangzhou] city's most extensive whiskey bar due to the surface are drawn side wall of wine, a good long wanted to come punch, which faces a big wall wine is a perfect shot. Still, I also feel immensely enjoy, ground reflection feels good to have an increased role. In front of the colourful lighting, which is very conspicuous, it is easy to find. At 78 o'clock to, there are many locations. I heard that after nine people began slowly. Store it broadcast a definite hint of music, stage. There is the bar, did not encounter live band, for a chat about things. Menu design in addition to the name of the wine price lists items very carefully contained, even if people do not often drink is not difficult to choose your favorite flavour, in addition to snacks like fried chicken as well as drinks. Per capita alcohol: 120 cases, no alcohol: 88 [traffic] from among the living area, nearby surrounding parking more complicated, it is recommended to find a location with shared parking. In between the metro and the Pearl River New City Wuyangcun toilet great things. Oh well complete, grid female toilet sanitary napkin, makeup remover, cotton a lot of things, can not remember. Anyway, items ready was a little scared to, is an intelligent electric toilet, as well as hygiene sets, very careful bathroom. Oh, a technique to seize the wine wall a central location, the store is brilliant to put their names hanging in here, we saw it, we do not have to ask its name a. The base class is vertical making body, the reflection of the man very long, the backlit effect is particularly thin. Advanced Edition has moved a bench to sit, hands glass of wine, sitting casual, lazy ideal places to relax.
Rejoicing house is pub style, similar in Japan Izakaya basic office workers canteen. They like to drink a glass of something to eat was more than an hour tram ride home. In Guangzhou, of course, I ate this and other goods to use the service. Into the door, tatami seat, ready to take off your shoe sister clerk handed him shoes, I Lengle Leng, put on a position, Would like to say with a very slippery shoe covers tatami go bad walked. Open the menu, and she izakaya, ramen, sushi, barbecue all have, I would like to barbecue was the best pub should be level, so ordered scallops, eel, chicken skin, chicken and chicken cartilage treasure. Chicken skin, chicken Po burn very well. Brown grease should burn out, do not focus itself is crisp and not greasy is the test effort, he managed to get enough fat layer also will be very tired, the roasted fire will focus. Unfortunately, the addition of cumin powder, abruptly put off a smell of chicken, significantly reduced. You may want to store guests can order when consulting whether to add the cumin powder. Eight consistent sushi platter, all warships sushi, each tiny, beautiful colors. Did not indicate which specific, serve a smell durian flavor I do not eat durian on the menu, although finally tasted acceptable if the service personnel to remind would be better. Their warship sushi salmon, eel, swallow sand, crab roe, mango, butter, etc., with good. $ 88 sashimi platter there are 6, 2 Each, the right size, shrimp sashimi shrimp intestines have picked clean, I like this detail.
Chimelong Paradise
It never occurred to stimulate so fast, into the park. I was the first to experience the ten ring roller coaster, ten ring roller coaster total length of 850 meters. It will be carrying you sometimes rapid dive, sometimes hovering clouds on the rise, occasionally thrilling reversal sometimes centers rapidly plunged more wonderful comic rotating concentric inertia force. The interlocking exciting, different ring is full of surprises, such as controlling the Pentium rolling Jiao Long, sparking bursts mind the stormy sea. Roller coaster quickly through each circle, the kind of centrifugal force just let you go, a lot of shouting on the roller coaster, soon to let me go, I can not stand it, the students under the roller coaster I want to say again line up, sit back, too cold! The giant pendulum is simply a nightmare in my life. in my high school had twice after the roller coaster even the big swing, down vomited sanitation workers told me anxiously. Since then, I no longer afraid to grow in the swing, but this time to challenge yourself or try a little big swing. Very sterile and do not spit, but have to say is very exciting, in addition to giant swing up and down with the left and right rotation. Rotation of the pendulum itself is there is a mood-elevating like a feel, amusement park adventurer's paradise! Although I came to Guangdong for two years, but a long, long time have not been to, first, because no time, and second, always feel what joy the world's oceans Kingdom should be child's play before, so I'm a great person to inappropriate, that the Quest just to look at. My past is also very convenient by car from Dongguan to play to play the most exciting, starting with the joy of playing the world! Tornado next ten ring roller coaster, roller coaster just down I dared not try this, I looked at the people standing below flip back and forth, listening to the sounds one after another, as if to sit still enjoyable than my own.