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George Town,Recommendations
Clan Jetties Of Penang
The surname bridge in Penang, Malaysia is somewhat like the Tai O fishing village in Hong Kong. It is a wooden house area built on wooden boards. It is divided into areas by surname. There are surnames Linqiao, surname Zhouqiao, surname Chen Qiao, surname Li Qiao, surname Yangqiao, Miscellaneous Bridge and Ping'an Bridge are said to have been unable to step into the family before, but now they have become tourist attractions. Surname Zhouqiao is the most frequent visitor to tourists. Most of the residents here are middle-aged and elderly people. They are basically Chinese. The style of the surname bridge is somewhat like Gulangyu...haha~ is also a literary art, many The usual fishermen did not go out to fish, but opened their own house into a holiday home. It is said that the "First Love Red Bean Ice" starring A Niu was once here. The old street in Penang near the surname bridge is the most concentrated area of Penang's three-dimensional murals. The Penang three-dimensional mural is a project of local artists in Penang. The main content is the local cultural style of Penang, but the mural comparison Scattered, often hidden in an inconspicuous corner, blending with the surrounding environment. If you want to finish reading it all, it is recommended to buy a map and click on it. It must be said that the artists in Penang are really talented. The history and culture of Penang is very strong. Together with these interesting and realistic murals, it is even more icing on the cake.
George Town,Recommendations
Chinese politicians also come here to taste the food. The famous multi-spring teahouse is located at the intersection of the Chinese name "New Street Plaza" in Penang, at the intersection of Campbell Street and Penang Street. Many spring teahouses have a good reputation. Although the tea room is actually a tea shed in the alley that is simply smashed with iron sheets, it is usually necessary to wait in line to eat. The signature food is Nasi Lemak, toast with peanut butter or KAYA sauce, and coffee is black. coffee is the name of the Ipoh Chinese people, black coffee plus sugar without milk. Black coffee is made with a special coffee powder, rich in coffee, but the entrance is smooth and not bitter. The owner is the second generation of the tea room. According to her, the reason why the coffee here is delicious is that it uses high quality Hainan coffee beans, which is the improvement of Hainan coffee, even the Chinese politicians in Penang. Let go of the body and taste the food here. The most attractive thing is the old iron barrel-like iron bucket stove, the upper layer of coffee, steamed toast, the lower layer of toast. The multi-spring tea room has been operating for more than 60 years. The store is very simple, only a few tables and chairs placed in the open air. In general, we eat toast is the bread baked by the machine. However, the toast of the spring tea room is baked out of the large iron drum. You can see the bottom of the iron bucket used to bake bread, the hot water in the middle is used to steam eggs, brew coffee, and the steam produced can also be used to heat the bread. In other words, there are two kinds of bread sold here, one is charcoal and the other is steamed bread, they really make good use of a large iron bucket. Usually come to eat a packet of Nasi Lemak or a loaf of bread, a raw boiled egg and a cup of coffee, this is the Malaysian favorite breakfast.
Sam Hu
George Town,Recommendations
Let me talk about the story of a first love red bean ice. Of course, the protagonist of this first love is not me, but the cow that sings peach blossoms. "First Love Red Bean Ice" is a movie that began in the Malaysian Chinese town in the early 1990s, a group of children, glass marbles, fighting fish, red bean ice, fried clams, yellowed and decadent cafes. A hot afternoon that may rain at any time. Year after year, this group of young children has become young people with different personalities. On the way to growth, some people like each other. Some people have crushed each other. Some people are not familiar with each other. In the process of growing up, they make a lot of jokes and give birth to many misunderstandings. So the end of the story is a missed ending. The film has a part of the name of Zhouqiao in Penang. The surname bridge has a history of more than 100 years. When the Chinese went to Nanyang to Penang, engaged in trade and fishing, and made a living from the sea, they set up bridges and built houses on them to form a unique small village. A hundred years later, these huts still exist, next to the port of Penang, watching the ships come and go, continue to write legends. Originally there were 8 people at sea, namely: surname Lin, surname Zhou, surname Chen, surname Li, surname Yang, surname Guo and Pinganqiao. Because the latter two can't resist the torrent of time, they face the fate of being demolished. So there are currently only 6 bridges left and all of them are listed as World Heritage Sites. There are many tourists who have surnamed Zhouqiao. The surname Zhouqiao has also evolved into a lively tourist attraction. Local people on both sides of the wooden trestle have opened the door to sell souvenirs.