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Local Situation: Social distancing and enhanced precautions recommended| Travel Restrictions: Quarantine measures likely in place. Check policy details for more information.Details
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    Le MaraisParis,France

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    Domaine de MourchonVaucluse,France

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    Grand FraisLoire Valley,France

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    La Maison Du VouvrayLoire Valley,France

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    France, the quintessential travel destination. European old world charm. Rolling hills with vineyards stretching to the horizon. Quaint cafes tucked away in Parisian back alleys. Whether you love culture and history, natural scenery, seaside luxury, or just some heart-stopping mountain thrills, France has it all and more. Come along as we explore this great country. From the port cities on the English Channel to the storied towns on the French Riviera, we will highlight some must-see attractions and recommend ways to best enjoy the wonders on offer across the land.
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    France, synonymous with style and culture, remains one of the world’s great nations. Landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Arc de Triomphe in Paris are testaments to a long and turbulent history. Come walk in the footsteps of great Kings and Queens in Versailles, or tour the vineyards in Burgundy and Bordeaux. See the scars of war in Verdun, or indulge in luxury along the Riviera. Haute couture colors the Champs-Elysees while life in the countryside moves at a more refined pace. Delicious meals are on offer across the land, welcoming travelers eager to savor the memories and experiences of a lifetime.

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