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Popular Festivals Attractions in Asia

Orange Isle Fireworks
459 Reviews
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Orange Isle is a classic Changsha landmark. In the past, there was a weekly Orange Isle Fireworks show that would light up the night sky over the Xiangjiang River. Today, the fireworks can only be seen during certain festivals, but their rarity has only served to increase their charm. Xiangjiang Middle Road, Xiaoxiang Middle Road, Du Fu Jiang Pavilion and Siyang Fangzun Square are all excellent places for tourists to watch the fireworks of Orange Isle. Du Fu River Pavilion on the riverside is located quite close to the fireworks, allowing watchers to sit on the banks of the river and not only bask in the light of the show in the sky, but see each and every firework down at the smaller fountain fireworks.
Ice Lantern Garden Party
246 Reviews
Amid winter in Zhaolin Park the Ice Lantern Garden Party are held. There you can see astounding ice sculptures molded by the artists. The list of ice models incorporate castles, city walls, bridges, and rich characters and cartoon characters. Especially during the evening with the guide of sound and light and other scientific and innovative means, it all of a sudden turns into a fairy tale world. In the Ice Lantern Garden, you can not only watch a variety of ice sculpture art, but also participate in ice slides, ice bicycles and other projects.
Qingdao International Beer City
151 Reviews
Qingdao International Beer City is the main venue for the annual Tsingtao Beer Festival. The Qingdao International Beer Festival has been held since 1991 and begins on the second weekend of August each year for 16 days. The activities of the Oktoberfest vary from year to year, but they all contain the theme activities of many internationally renowned beer brands, multiple game sessions, and many play projects. You can enjoy beer from all over the world, and you can eat a lot of delicious snacks to attract Beer lovers from all over the world.
Lake Toya Fireworks
18 Reviews
The Lake Toya Fireworks Display is a popular long-run fireworks display in Japan. During the display, each night there will be hundreds of fireworks exploding over the Lake Toya. It lasts for nearly half a year and is widely liked by tourists. Since the fireworks are placed on the boat that rides on the lake, they can be seen throughout the entire hot spring street hotel and in the open air, which is very romantic.
Sumida River Firworks Festival
13 Reviews
Sumida River, Sumida City, Tokyo
Liwan District Jasmine Flower Market
83 Reviews
The Liwan District Jasmine Flower Market is one of Guangzhou's traditional winter jasmine markets, located on Liwan road in Guangzhou. Every year during Chinese Lunar New Year, people from across the country crowd into this lively market. Kumquats, peach blossoms and daffodils are must-buy flowers as they promise wealth and good fortune for the household in the new year.
Tenjin Matsuri
11 Reviews
2-1-8 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku | Osaka Temmangu, Osaka 530-0041, Osaka Prefecture
Nagaoka Festival Grand Fireworks
5 Reviews

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