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Popular Attractions in Fes

Fes Médina
64 Reviews
Featured Neighbourhood
Medina, Fes
Bab Bou Jeloud
55 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Bab Boujloud
Chaouwara Tanneries
70 Reviews
Artisanal Workshop
Derb Chaouwara, Fez
Mosque and University Karaouiyne
34 Reviews
Fes, Morocco

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1 Jun 2020
15 °
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2 Jun 2020
Partly Cloudy
3 Jun 2020
Mostly Cloudy
4 Jun 2020

Trip Moments

Looking at Morocco from the photos, it is vivid and full of flavor. A creamy Arabian cake, a sweet fruit platter, and a spicy Moroccan dish on the market. As if to jump out of the screen, and come back to me. The house that lived in Fez was very retro, and you could see beautiful scenery from the rooftop. During that time, the journey was slightly relieved. You can change a few sets of clothes and go to the oldest city in the world that is easy to get lost. However, there are still too many streets and alleys to stop, I hope there will be opportunities in the future, and then come here to get lost. However, in Morocco, people can't help but lift the camera all the time. For such a country that needs to travel, how can it be easy to complete the trip, and you can use the camera to perfectly preserve these beautiful scenery and unique colors? Finally, let me share some of my photo experiences: 1 Lightly loaded: In addition to the camera itself, dont be too heavy, its best not to carry too heavy bags when taking pictures, so you can free your hands and try each The angle of photography. The camera bag like my back has been praised by countless passers-by, because it is really nice, and it is different from the traditional earthen camera bag. Can be used with a variety of colors! 2Try the angle of change: In addition to the regular shooting angle, it is better to try to shoot from the bottom up and take a beautiful ceiling. Or tilt the composition, full of fun. Or put the subject of the shot in the corner of the picture, full of mystery. 3 The closer the clothing is to the local, the better: Don't be afraid that colorful clothes can't be controlled. In this colorful country, of course, you should wear clothes with high saturation colors. More beautiful. 4 Shoot more details: The girl's mind is always very delicate, in addition to the beautiful scenery, there are some details around you should not miss it. A small cake, or a branch of an orange tree, can be put into your camera. I hope that in the mysterious country of Morocco, I can find a suitable shooting method for you, and explore the journey that belongs to you~ Right, Figure 9 is the beautiful mother I shot.
Posted: 2 Aug 2019