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Things To Do in Regina

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红绿蓝白This is a free museum with a beautiful environment and it is worth visiting. When I came, there were two exhibitions. The one downstairs was exhibitions of humans, snakes, and dinosaurs. Upstairs is the world's natural environment. Very vivid, it is worth watching slowly. And the parking lot next to it is free for 2 hours.
2 Reviews
红绿蓝白This is a small church in the center of Regina. It was built in 1883. Since the door was closed when I went too late, I could only look outside. The church is exquisite, not big. And there is a large parking lot at the door, which is convenient for people to visit.
2 Reviews
红绿蓝白This is a free park, convenient for people to come to have a picnic or hold a wedding. The waterfall is very delicate and is a small artificially constructed platform. When I went there happened to be a large picnic party. The children are happily playing around in the park.
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迷尼哈哈文成公主As the capital city of Saskatchewan, Regina naturally has Saskatchewan Science Center this museum, on the lake, the environment is good, the children's good place, can learn a lot of knowledge, its slogan: true science, really interesting!
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六六痴葱The brilliance of architectural art is finally the opportunity to come to the long-cherished city of Regina with my girlfriends ୧((〃•̀ꇴ•〃))૭⁺ So this time we went to Canada, and we led the guide to this Legislative Building , Here is a little-known building. I actually saw it here. I really want to live here. I feel that this is really the place where I want to live in my old age. Go inside this, really, so quiet! The architectural style is also quite peculiar. Both my girlfriends and I like it very much. It will make people feel calm when watching it. In fact, you wanted to take pictures the first time you went in, because the tour guide was not in a hurry to take pictures with my girlfriends, but walked around first, and then took pictures. Every picture is so perfect and super beautiful. Tips: Address: South Central and South Regina, Canada Tickets: Free Note: Opening hours: Monday to Friday (Saturday and Sunday, Saturday and Sunday, weekends). People in this city are proficient in English and French. Both English and French can communicate normally. Don’t worry about language barriers. If necessary, you can also nod and smile to show your friendliness. The roads, railways and other transportation are more convenient. In my best friend and I, this building gives people a solemn and gentle feeling from the outside to the inside. It's quiet and not old-fashioned inside, but it actually painted a lot of color for this trip for my girlfriend and I.
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