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Things To Do in Luxor

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Historical Site
Plum9195This was the first Temple I visited on my trip to Egypt. There was so much to see and appreciate.You will want a tour guide with you if it is your first time because you will appreciate what you are seeing much more if you can understand what you are seeing. It is worth the cost and not too expensive because usually it includes pick up and drop off from the airport or your hotel. I did not realize that there would still be colors on the columns that I would be able to see, to imagine they are still this bright after thousands of years is just beyond belief. This is a must do, it is as good as the Great Pyramids, maybe even better.
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Historical Site
Plum9195Go at night to visit this famous temple in Luxor. It will be very crowded, but it will be cooler and the lights make everything very attractive. Be sure to wear sturdy shoes because the ground is uneven and you will want to make sure you do not slip. Going with a tour guide is recommended, they will be able to explain what you are seeing so you can fully appreciate the Temple. Reduced admission is available for Egyptian Citizens and students if they have an ID.This is a must do if you are in Egypt.
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Plum9195The Nile River is even better than I imagined. Luxor is the start of many 3-5 night cruise's down the Nile. Most of the larger boats hold around 200 people the smaller Dahabiya about 12-18 people. The cruise usually goes from Luxor to Edfu to Aswan stopping to see sights along the way. It is a great way to relax and see the country side at the same time. Usually the cruise includes meals, guides and most admission fees to the major historical sites. Nile River Cruise is a great way to enjoy Egypt.
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Historical Site
Plum9195This was such an interesting Temple built by a very interesting Queen. I will not spoil the story by telling it to you here, it is much better when you hear it while visiting the temple.You should have a guide to help you truly appreciate the history of the Temple. Usually the same guide that takes you to the Valley of the King's will take you to this Temple as well as they are very close to each other. The Polish people were instrumental in preserving this Temple and signage recognises this contribution. Seeing the actual tree stump of one of the trees brought back from a long ago trek was also mind-blowing. This was one of the most memorable sites we visited. Highly recommend.
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Historical Site
AricFongWe rented a bicycle and ran to visit the Colossus of Mennon, Habu Temple and the Valley of the Kings. The first attraction was the Colossus of Mennon. It is a free attraction and no tickets are required! caution! From ancient Egyptian rule to Arab rule now, to be honest, Egypt is better ruled by Egyptians[naughty] Travel to the 187th day of marriage, the 11th country, Luxor, Egypt
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Hot Air Balloon
lutripA must!!! You gotta do it on sunrise, it's the most beautiful view! Pick up at hotel 4:45am, then we cross the Nile on a small boat where they offer coffe and a small cake. Then take another van to the Hot air Ballon site.Be prepared if the Ballon cannot flight, as in the first day I tried. Luckily I insisted and on the second day it happened! Sometimes the conditions are not good enough and the hot air Ballon are prohibited to flight. If this happens they return the money, but I suggest to try again of you have time, its worth it!