La Paz
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乐天的静乐天的静Although the transportation system is relatively new, there are already many routes that can reach different places in La Paz and El Alto. It does not take long to travel through the entire system, but some lines are not connected to each other, so plan your itinerary in advance.
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Other Sightseeing Tours
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coo***ancoo***anThe best place for a bird's-eye view! To go to the sun, you must first go to Matou to buy a ferry ticket. There are several shipping companies to choose from. After about an hour’s voyage to the shore, although it takes a little bit to go up the mountain and go up the hillside to see many donkeys loaded with goods. They and Inca women. The hard work of the donkey is up and down, but I respect the needs of local residents! Every time you walk up to a height, you will have a different view, and it is a comfortable walking stop.
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Geological Sites
3ade3adeBecause of the epidemic, there was no one in the area on the day we went, the rocks that looked like the crusts were really solid clay, and in La Paz there was a lot of landforms, but it was developed as a tourist attraction
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Historical Site
137***66137***66[Scenery] Those who like ancient alien mysteries can't miss it [Fun] There are not many people traveling, but it is still recommended to explain on the spot, remember that the price is not expensive, it is worth asking for one. You can buy tickets on site, remember to buy museum tickets by the way, because there are treasures inside.
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3ade3adeThe famous witch market in La Paz is more like a craft street, various instruments, offerings, alpaca wool products, herbs, oils, etc., but the graffiti in the alley is more worth a visit

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Museum of Contemporary Art - Museo de Arte Contemporaneo PlazaLa Paz,Bolivia

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Thaki VoyageLa Paz,Bolivia

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Bolivian Parrots Conservation,Bolivia

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Andean Epics RideLa Paz,Bolivia

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FreebikesLa Paz,Bolivia

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Plaza AbaroaLa Paz,Bolivia

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