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Things To Do in Iquique

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okabcUpload two photos of Kawancha Beach to show you how beautiful it is. My friend said that there is fire on one side and water on the other. Yes, there is a desert-rich sand hill to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. In this harbor, let you experience the most beautiful mood.
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okabcThe National Day celebration here is to eat a large piece of barbecue and enjoy a pure Chilean meal. The price is not expensive. A large skewer of beef is only 2,000 pesos, which is less than 20 yuan. delicious. The meat is grilled just right. Worth visiting
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WillSumThe entire museum is displayed on a ship. It is said that this is copied from the glorious ship that Yisou once participated in the naval battles between Chile and Peru. This is more like a patriotic education base, spreading pride for the country while introducing sailors’ daily life. And on the deck, you can look across the beautiful coastline of the port city.
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WillSumAlthough the area of the local museum is small, most of the exhibits in the exhibition hall show the local culture. As a free museum, the white two-story building also has a relatively large atrium, and the thatched huts in the courtyard are quite interesting.
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