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D78***88The navigation is correct, but from the direction of Ganquan, about 10 kilometers away from the destination, will navigate to the side path, no matter what, go along Ganzhi Road. Scenic Area tickets 98, traffic car 70, already there is no free ticket, 8.30 before the discount includes 150/person. The scenery is unique, it is really good, it takes 1 and a half hours to make a car, first to Longba Ditch, then to Zhangshu Ditch, now only let the tour to these two Ditch, one Ditch is slow enough for an hour (the situation of fewer people), plus waiting for the car, the whole tour is 4 hours. The comment said that the scenery of the birch ditch is the best, maybe because of the time, visit the Longba ditch from 1 to 2 o'clock, and the birch ditch at 2:30, I personally think that the former is better than the latter.
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扶疏子The Laoshan National Forest Park in Ganquan County, Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province has a total area of 520,000 mu, a main ditch depth of more than 30 kilometers, towering ancient trees and a forest coverage rate of 85%. In the 10 years since the country implemented the conversion of farmland to forest, the forest resources here have been effectively protected. In late autumn, the undulating mountains are decorated with colorful leaves by red leaves, which become a unique natural landscape on the Loess Plateau.
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m41***88Majestic, all kinds of majestic, it is worth a visit.
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渭南松赞干布The pagoda is located in the southern part of Yan'an City, only 6km away from the center of the city, and the altitude is 1, 135m. The pagoda on the mountain is built in the Tang Dynasty, and the height is 44m. Baota Mountain Scenic Area is now a national 5A level scenic area, which integrates natural and humanistic landscapes. At the same time, the Baota Mountain is the symbol of Yan'an, the historic city, Yan'an is the revolutionary holy place that the revolutionary masses yearn for at that time, the revolutionary victory is the hope of the place, the Chinese revolution victory is from Yan'an to the whole China, so the Baota Mountain has its important historical significance. Everyone who visited Yanan came to the Pagoda Mountain with high respect, revisited the arduous experience of the Chinese revolution and remembered the great sacrifice of the revolutionary martyrs.
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老当益壮,志在千里Located outside Yan'an City, Nanniwan is the place where the Communist Party-led Eighth Route Army develops military puppet, develops mass production movement, self-sufficiency, abundant clothing and food, on the way to Hukou Scenic Area, come here to experience the spirit of Nanniwan.

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Laoshan Forest ParkYan'an,China

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