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Things To Do in Essaouira

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AricFongI always like to go to the beach at sunset. We walked all the way from the fort and went to the port fishing market to eat raw oysters and seafood. Then we walked to the beach to watch the sunset. It’s really great. [Victory][Naughty] Not much, it may be windy or cold, or summer will be better! If compared with the sunset in Agadir, I prefer Agadir. Travel Marriage Day 141, 10th Country Morocco
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site  
Ancient Settlement
带着Cici看世界Essaouira, the oldest seaport in Morocco, was once an important spice export port in North Africa. Essaouira means "beautiful and picturesque" in Arabic. It has been an important business port since ancient times. In the 15th century, the Portuguese occupied Essaouira and built the fortifications seen today. The entire old city of Medina was Included in the World Cultural Heritage List. It was also named one of the ten most beautiful towns in the world by CNN. Essaouira is colorful. There are not only blue seas, but also colorful houses and colorful paintings. The life of the residents in the old city is very leisurely, and the shops open for business at 11 o'clock.
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Ancient Settlement
juki235The Old City of Essaouira is an ancient city in North Africa with a thousand years of history. Built by the sea, it has been a battleground for military strategists since ancient times. The ancient city is full of old buildings and ancient streets, and there are many handicraft shops with local characteristics. You can go shopping and buy some small gifts as a souvenir.
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JessigzCharge 50, 4.30 Close in the afternoon, open at 9 am. The place is not big, there is a tower, go up to see the whole view of Sovilla. There is an old fortress, you can imagine the role of this fortress at the beginning. Outside the fortress is the blue sea, with the seagulls flying.
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