El Loa
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Things To Do in El Loa

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三石Wadi Lun Valley, Jordan-Moon Valley. Wadi Rum, meaning "wine red valley" in Arabic, was the location of the film "Arab Lawrence". Moon Valley is the most similar zone to Mars, with unique geological structure, formed by salt, sand, and clay! With thousands of rocks, cracks, mounds and volcanic crater-like structures, there are thousands of ditches, and nature is amazing! A pick-up truck for 5 people enjoys the view, and the scenery is spectacular!
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乖小咪Atacama's Andes plateau lake is an area of very large alpine freshwater lake. The lake is mostly composed of melting snow from the surrounding mountains, and the lake is very calm, and it feels like a huge mirror, reflecting the surrounding snow mountains and blue sky and white clouds, very beautiful.
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乖小咪The Church of San Pedro de Atacama is a monastery with a history of more than 500 years. The color of the entire church building is earthy yellow, which is very old. The interior decoration of the church is very simple, and the triangular roof of the wooden plank is very simple and unpretentious. Maybe this is what the church really looks like, it's worth coming to listen to the chanting quietly.
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Historical Site
TodemmyThis trip will take at least three hours. The park has an uphill road with views of the city, Valle de Marte and Atacameñas buildings. At the end of the extension, there is a space to pay tribute to the beheaded attacker. It is not a place normally provided by a travel agency. I went to the hotel manager's instructions. It is worth a visit. Business hours are from 10 am to 5 pm. I don't know if it will be closed for maintenance. The admission fee for adults is 3,000 pesos, and students can show a discount card, even if the card comes from a school in Brazil.
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TodemmyOne of the most beautiful and driest places on earth The Atacama Desert is the driest and highest altitude place in the world, where there are particularly beautiful scenery, rock formations, salt flats, lagoons, flamingos, volcanoes, sand dunes, intermittent The spring, the hot and cold weather in the same day, the unique color... It was really shocking, the amazing natural scenery exceeded our expectations.
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西安-田田The highest altitude in the world [Geyser Group] is 4200 meters above sea level. Watch the boiling geothermal fountain. Affected by the temperature difference between the earth's surface and the crust, dozens of large and small geysers, its jet can reach several meters high. Very spectacular and worth a visit!