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Things To Do in Dayi

8,402 Reviews
Sichuan RenA beautiful get away and only 2.5 hours by car. Tons of snow and good food. Definitely a 2 day trip, so make time for it. There is a small area to ski and other fun activities for children and non skiers. The hot air balloon only goes up to a short height, stays there for about 5 minutes then descends. not worth the money.
1,993 Reviews
SwingNo1It's very good to see, it is recommended to take the elders of the family to see, must arouse many memories. There are more than 20 pavilions, easy to see in three days, each pavilion's moving line is basically import ~ upstairs ~ downstairs ~ exit in another place, there are conditions to rent a small car in the park.
2,253 Reviews
偷着乐健Worth a visit. Learn about Liu Wencai's family history! Big family is very generous. Many relatives are ******! Also ******! Also later became ****. Architecture is very well protected!
854 Reviews
Botanical Garden
_We***75It's crowded during spring holidays, it's a nice place to go for a picnic and just relax while walking around the place'.
593 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
gz当地向导伊妹儿Anren Ancient Town has a long history. It is located in the western part of Chengdu Plain. The scenery is pleasant. It is an ideal place to feel the local customs and customs. It is a good choice. It is interesting and takes pictures.
582 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
M36***96The environment is very good, today's tourists are not too many, it seems calm, the service is much better than before, very intimate, the male guest dressing room's service is also very careful, careful remind us to take things, Liu Jialian of the hot spring department has been telling us about the benefits of hot springs, Also intimately poured hot water for us, took a bath towel, praised the scenery is good, cost-effective,