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Things To Do in Dakar

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_We***00very beautiful and peaceful please, don't miss to visit the place once in your life time you won't regret it, sunny nice weather beautiful air blowing, wow is so amazing to be there next time I will go with my wife and kids lack rose is the best in Senegal.
15 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site  
M35***13Locals or those with a local permanent residence certificate, 1500 Westfa; for ordinary people, about 5000 Westfa. Ten thousand west is equal to about 115 yuan. The island is independent, the environment is quiet, the attic window has small flowers, and there are some historical sites, and the area is not large.
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Art Gallery
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Historical Architecture
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遇着个晴天It is precious here, and the clouds are also beautiful location information: Dakar, Senegal Opening hours: Free to open The House of Slaves is a very old house, I don't know the details. It’s just that when I was passing by, I thought it was very distinctive, so I checked it out. There were not many people who came to see it, and it was not a lot of places that were actually not very interesting. If you are a little boring and idle, you can come and have a look. The whole house is not very big, it occupies a relatively small area and the door has traces of time. There are many sentences and white paper written on it, and I don't understand what it has written. After entering, there is a small courtyard and there are green plants on the wall. The sun shines on and it is very artistic. There is a small pavilion on the wall of the back garden to relax and enjoy. It is also good to have a retro classic photo style when taking pictures. , The back garden is full of green vegetation, which is more neat and uniform. There are creepers walking through it. There are a lot of ants, and there is a sense of silence without cleaning and it is full of mystery. After entering, you can see the historic relics of the owner's layout and house design. For example, scratches or handwritings are all covered with dust. The design of the middle building is very old in front of the stairs. After going upstairs, the stairs are antique and make a creaking sound.