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Things To Do in Apulia

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小磊看世界123World cultural heritage as assessed by UNESCO. The characteristic lies in the structure of the stone spires, and each spire has a different shape with different meanings. The walls are all white, also known as the white town. There are houses and other handicrafts in the town, the price is not expensive, and the refrigerator is very close to the people for 1 Euro. It’s a little distance from Bari, and the traffic is not very convenient. If you miss a train, you will have to wait an hour, and it will take nearly 2 hours one way. From the Bali Central Railway Station, take the train or bus to Putignano, and then change to the train to Taranto. Under Alberobello, the attraction is a 10-minute walk from the train station. Remember to check the timetable, otherwise it will take a long time. The first time I go, I will look for the station for a long time, because the people here are not very good at English, or I will say I don' I don’t know if I really don’t understand or pretend I don’t understand.
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淼淼0301It's called Bari Sunny Beach. It's really great. It belongs to a quiet little beach in Italy. There are not many people here, so you can enjoy the beach life more quietly. The scenery here is also very beautiful and worth recommending.
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ShenWeiThe castle del monte in Andreas, Italy is located on a high mountain. The octagonal patio looks like the shape of the crown of Federico II. Every corner of the towering castle is full of his love. Such a man who loves flowers died because of flowers. It is true that Fei Lengcui (a small town in Puglia) died under the flowers, and he is also romantic.
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一米qThe Aragonese Castle, located in the old town of Taranto, is close to the sea on one side. It has a history of nearly 600 years. The castle is composed of two cylindrical towers connected to each other.
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Water Park
淼淼0301This is a water park. It’s really good. It’s definitely a good choice to come here for a holiday. The water park is well built, and the infrastructure is very good. It’s a pleasure to come here.
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淼淼0301This is a beach in Bari, Italy. The beach is small, but it is worth visiting. The sea is clean and blue, and the beach is very delicate and soft. It’s really comfortable to walk here, and it’s really a vacation here. Baton.