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Sapporo Christ Church

Sapporo Christ Church

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"Historical Architecture"
"Churches and Cathedrals"
"I have to go to the deep tour of Xiaoying and Qiqi. It is enough to come here. It is really rich. I feel the difference in foreign culture here. I really like it very much. I like everyone to see my recommendation. There are also some gains. This tour is more in-depth, the place to play is more influential ~ Sapporo Christ Church () This is a beautiful building, mainly green style, this style is very low-key and unique. The rooftops are all made of stone so there is a lot of history, when we came here it was closed, I feel very sorry, but the outside is really beautiful, we also took a lot of pictures outside, really unique. This church was built in 1889, and it is still very well preserved √. The silence and elegance reflected in the outside is not found elsewhere. The card is successful. ~ Open Time: Monday ~ Friday 8:00~ 18:00 suggested play time: 1~ 2 hours Xiaoyan Snowlight Road When we came here, we came here when it was snowing, it was very beautiful when it snowed. There are already a lot of lights on the side of the street lamp here, we saw it very bright here I took a lot of pictures, because it is really very beautiful √, I strongly recommend that the fairies who like to take pictures can take pictures here. It's like a fairy tale world, full of magical magic, we came here not in winter and didn't see the snow. Open time: 8:00~18:00. Recommended play time: 2 to 3 hours. Sadayamakei Jinja shrine is located in Sapporo City, and there is a legend that the symbol of sadayamakei is once called kawado in Japanese legends. When the most popular city in Japan came here, festivals were already underway, and many tourists came to the city for the festival. It is said that the festivals were the most in summer and autumn. We are tired and enjoy the shade under the trees. There are many long tables and benches under the trees. Here you should come early if you want to visit, because there are more people coming to worship. Open from 9:00 to 6:00 p.m. Recommended 1 to 2 hours. Yamamanaka Dairy Farm (Squat) came here, I was mainly because of the ice cream, because I heard that the ice cream is very delicious. It mainly sells all kinds of ice cream, ice cream friends can come to try. I saw strawberry blueberry chocolate and milk ice cream, which is the best selling, so recommend friends coming to try this flavor. √ There were not many people here when we came. I bought a milky taste to eat it. It is very good and recommended. Open time: 8:00 in the morning ~ 18:00 in the afternoon. Recommended play time: 1 to 2 hours. The battle of the cockroach dome we came to the cockroach dome before the all-weather gym in Japan. Here, but a football team's main training base, football-loving friends can come here to see her, and a gym also held a lot of important events. We looked up a general overview of the stadium, which not only has a sports stadium, but also has a huge observatory to view the outside, a children's playground for children, and even a gym for the open. Open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Recommended tour time: 1-2 hours. The location of the time table is very good, he and the center of Sapporo can see many natural beauty here, also known as the unique art architecture of Hokkaido today, here introduced the advanced Western architectural concept. There are two floors of building, all made of wood, and here, there is a five-story high, he is very famous. We didn't charge any fees when we went in to visit as the first floor is now a showroom and the second floor items are available for rent. Opening time: 8:00~17:00 suggested play time: 1~2 hours here we mainly enjoy a lot of natural scenery, here is very unique, I like my own style, so I also took a lot of beautiful pictures, because some attractions may be closed, some will open very late, So everyone should be prepared ~"