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About Chaozhou

Chaozhou is located at confluence of Guangdong and Fujian Provinces and is the origin site of Chaozhou Culture. Chaozhou is home to all kinds of outstanding local cultural features such as Chaozhao specialty cuisine, embroidery, theater, wooden carvings, residences and Kung-fu tea. Other than cultural features, Chaozhou also has plenty of scenic spots to visit such as the old city walls, ancient temples, memorial arches and old houses.

Popular Attractions in Chaozhou

Guangji Bridge
847 Reviews
Guangji Bridge, also called Xiangzi Bridge, was built in the Song Dynasty in 1171 AD. It has a long history and is one of four ancient bridges in China. Located on the Han River, Guangji Bridge is very unique in design. At both ends are stone piers, and there are beautiful pavilions and terraces. In the middle are 18 connected floating bridges that are wonderful for a relaxing stroll. In order to let cargo ships pass in the evening, the floating bridge can be drawn up. You can view this and the beautiful night view and light show in the evening.
Chaozhou Ancient City
391 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
The Ancient City Wall of Chaozhou mainly refers to the Xiangqiao District of Chaozhou City. Many historical buildings here have been integrated into modern city life. To experience the unique charm of this ancient city, you can go to Paifang Street and taste traditional food, go to Kaiyuan Temple, Xufu Mafu, and Huang Jilue Ancestral Hall to admire ancient architecture and amazing wood carvings, or take a stroll along the Han River and look at the ancient city walls, the city gate, and the famous Guangji Bridge. If you want to enjoy a nice cup of Chaozhou Gongfu tea, enjoy it by West Lake, where you can take a boat tour.
Qinglan Guaijiu Valley
333 Reviews
Geological Sites
One of the more bizarre locations is in the oddly fascinating Gyeki Gye-eup Valley. On of the more amazing wonders of the world, the valley is home to strange landscapes and bizarre scenery. Some of the fascinating aspects of this location are the hole landscapes and the endless streams of rivers. The Gyeki Gye-eup Valley also contain many granite caves that have some of the most unique and mysterious rocks that shine under the lights of the landscape. If that wasn't strange enough, the green mountains seem almost repetitive reflecting in the many rivers that flow through the valley.. It will leave you speechless and in completely awe of how unexplainable the views are.
Archway Street
374 Reviews
Featured Neighbourhood
Peifang Street can be found deep within the old city of Chaozhou. Along the street you will discover the hidden stories that are behind the many archways. The stories hidden behind them are intriguing and thought provoking. While strolling down the street be sure to check out one of the many arcade building or stop and taste some of the local cuisine. Visitors describe many tasty delicacies including Chaozhou hand picked beef balls, duck eggs, and squid cakes. Some other things to try include bergamots old yellow, old medicine orange, yellow husk, and the "Chaozhou Samno" is described as a good choice for companionship by many.

Chaozhou Tours & Tickets

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Chaozhou Weather

9 Aug 2020
25 °
10 Aug 2020
11 Aug 2020
Thunderstorms with Rain
12 Aug 2020

Trip Moments

Chaozhou | Intestinal powder competition Do not look at this small category but in different cities, and even regions to create different styles. From a young and fresh, to everyone's good show, then to the rouge powder ... always meet your heart. Address: Alleys of Dongping Road, Paifang Street (next to the street goose goose) street typical Chaozhou intestine powder, graphite in the corner of the store is drained with millet pulp, and the door is made of intestinal powder. Drawer steamer. Steamer steam, rice slurry into the drawer, nothing to add the sausage is the lowest match, you can upgrade to a variety of food version. Aming Intestine Powder Address: No. 23, Shuimen Street, Paifang Street, the old land intestine powder is only fixed, 6-10 yuan is limited to the difference of weight. Eggs and minced meat are served with a thick sauce of sausage powder, and large pieces of shiitake mushrooms and dried vegetables make the sense of layering. If you don't like local sausage powder, this store is worth recommending. Wen Sausage Powder Address: The first floor of No. 263, Taiping Road, Paifang Street Thin powder wrapped cabbage, shiitake mushroom, and enoki mushroom. This sausage has rich "connotation". But the sesame sauce is a bit sparse and has a soy sauce flavor shengji sausage powder address: Kuiyuan Road Kuiyuan residential area B, No. 47 Whether it is from the selling phase or the taste, it is 4 The best in the family sausage store ~ the ratio of the two sauces is coordinated, not greasy, each chopstick can be encased with a sauce inlet, the taste is mellow and smooth.
Posted: 11 Mar 2019
The famous mansion is usually built in the center of the township. In Chaozhou, Guangdong, there is a 130-year-old house built in a remote alley. The name of this old house is called Huanggong. The slightly yellow gongs and the tidal courtyard buildings are not much different. When they approached, they found that the pillars and the roof were covered with fine gold lacquer wood carvings and stone carvings. These sculptures are vivid, and now they have not found the same level of skilled craftsmen, so they have become invaluable treasures, and their artistic value is better than most of the domestic engraving genres. Jinhuang Huanggong is a second hospital with a patio in the middle, excellent ventilation and lighting. The carvings of this old house are mainly wood carvings, mainly in the beams of the halls and corridors. On both sides of the gate, there are stone carvings with rich layers and hollowing out. These stone carvings are complex in content, with different expressions and movements, which were created by Chaozhou's top carving masters. Compared with stone carving, Chaozhou is more famous for its golden lacquer wood carving, which is basically impossible to copy. Jihuang Huanggong is the representative of Chaozhou gold lacquer wood carving craft. If you dont go to the Forbidden City in Beijing, you dont go to the West Palace in Hangzhou, you dont go to the West Lake in Hangzhou, and you dont look at the garden in Suzhou. It is definitely a pity. Chaozhou gold lacquer wood carvings are extremely complicated, each one has a large number of flowers, grasses, fishes or characters. Most of these sculptures are based on ancient Chinese folk tales or legends, and are integrated into painting and other art to express auspicious mood or The feelings of the house owner are all over the world, and they are amazing! Traffic: 3-way inner ring car.
Posted: 19 Dec 2018